Comics are a widely accepted form of procrastination, especially by university students wishing that final exams were never invented. "Webcomics" are those comics posted online. They fall into a variety of categories, and the most popular tend to have a definite storyline and established characters. They can be simple graphics, "sprite"-based (pixellated), 3-D art, mostly text, mostly funny images, Flash cartoons... some artists have even quit their day jobs and spend their entire time working on their webcomics. Some comics are also published in print, such as those in the Aggie and Girl Genius (below).

Davis Related Comics

  • Real Life - Officially set in Sacramento (although moved to San Francisco in December 2005), features such Davis references as this. Author used to appear on KDVS occasionally.
  • PhD Comics - Comics about life as a grad student. He covered a visit by the author to UC Davis campus in this strip. Jorge Cham has also spoken in the past about "The Power of Procrastination" at UCD.
  • The California Aggie Cartoons - Comics appearing regularly in the Aggie over the years. Most are short lived.
  • Valleydog - Centers around a charter high school student in a town inspired by (and eerily similar to) Davis.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (connected via the artist, see below)

Comics Unrelated to Davis

Static Comics:

Animated comics: