Welcome to the Wiki, Alien From Outer Space. You can use the wiki to:

  1. Decide where to land your UFO. Be sure to observe the many parking regulations, which may or may not apply to hovering objects.

  2. Learn where you can walk amongst us unnoticed.

  3. Find a field in which to make a crop circle.

  4. Decide where to hide your UFO, such as in the basement of Kemper Hall.

  5. Learn where to get that wonder tonic you're so keen on.

  6. Learn where to get an M400 Skycar while your UFO is in the shop.

  7. Find out whether the movie Alien is playing at the Retro Film Revival.

  8. Visit the Death Star or watch your home planet from the observatory on top of Hutchison Hall, should you get lonely.

Since you are from an inscrutable culture, we are happy to learn about your customs, but it is very important to note that certain acts will not be tolerated in the Davis community. Others are certainly appreciated.

That being said, use the wiki and welcome to the insane asylum of the universe! And remember: Don't Panic! You already have the guide.


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2007-03-28 10:16:40   Please do not confuse Moller Skycars with other UFO's. Perhaps Dr. Moller would be interested in buying your UFO technology however... —GrumpyoldGeek