This is a page for the Wiki Community to discuss Archiving Comments

There are a number of business that have had their comments archived. The first was Bistro 33 because the comment section got too long. Other businesses have had their comments archived when there was a change of management, or when the number of comments got high (which is a value judgement).

Proposed social norms for archiving comments:

  1. When a business changes hands it makes sense to archive the comments because the business isn't the same any more.

  2. When the number of comments in a short time (judgement call) by accounts that have only left comments (negative or positive) on this one page ("one use accounts") rises above a threshold (judgement call).

  3. Then the number of comments is large (judgement call) and there is a clear dividing line in time to archive them off by (change of year).

The social norms above have been used for a while along with comment integration. Sometimes people have broken out comment archives into separate pages for each year of comments, and other times a single archive is used to which groups of comments are moved over time. The later form results in fewer pages and cleaner namespace, but some people like the ability to see a single year at a time. One way to handle this might be to have single archives, but insert = ["####"] = year link headers into the single large archive and add [[TableOfContents] to the top.


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