This is currently in outline form, since I don't have time right now to flesh it out. Feel free to work on it; I'll do more as I have the opportunity.

Working Outline

  1. Overview of issue

    1. Wiki community doesn't look kindly on frivolous legal threats

    a1. Wiki community doesn't take kindly to folks that don't take kindly to folks

  • Wiki Community/Handling Problems

  • Exceptions

  • 1. Consequences - repeat offenders w/ frivolous threats

    1. Overview of relevant law

      1. NOT legal advice, just a primer to help you get informed.

      2. Libel

    1. False light

    2. Protection

      1. CDA section 230

      2. Anti-SLAPP statute

      3. Vexatious litigation

      4. Malicious prosecution

      5. Declaratory relief

    3. Useful links

    1. Considerations for people making (or thinking of making) legal threats

    1. Considerations for people on the receiving end of legal threats

    Things to review, reference, integrate, develop, etc.