A place for documenting clear cases of abuse related to the Wiki Community/Organizational accounts discussion. Also look at Identity/Abuse.

Each example should provide a link to the account, the account history, and individual edits with comments about why they were abusive. Also link outreach by other editors in chronological order with links to those edits. This is preparation for discussing how these accounts will be handled in the future.


This is an example of the sort of things that gnomes have to clean up after and perform outreach on and occurs with business owners regardless of the name they choose, but seems to occur more often when a business owner starts with an organizational account.

Duramed has the following edit history: http://daviswiki.org/Users/DURAMED?action=userinfo

Their first four edits in July of 2009 added information about their business to the wrong page. JabberWokky cleaned up after them and moved the information to a properly named page. Then in February 2010 they came back and:


This is more a case proving that idiots will attempt to take on the mantle of authority by using these accounts to impersonate authority

TAPSadministration has the following edit history: http://daviswiki.org/Users/TAPSadministration?action=userinfo


Org account with name tied to one location edits another location. Exhibits some classic advertising edits. Not much outreach to them.

ManagerSilverstone has the following edit history: http://daviswiki.org/Users/ManagerSilverstone?action=userinfo


Given that one of the edits specifically claimed an name, this account appears like it may be used by more than one person which reduces personal accountability for any given edit to almost nothing.

GreystoneApartments has the following edit history: http://daviswiki.org/Users/GreystoneApartments?action=userinfo


This is a case where the organizational account was editing in parallel with some other accounts that appear to have been used by the apartment management. One might even see this as a case of misdirection as they generally kept their edits under this account limited to announcing what apartments were available, while using the other accounts to leave comments.

TheLexingtonManagement has the following edit history: http://daviswiki.org/Users/TheLexingtonManagement?action=userinfo


Has ignored outreach dating back to 2007.

Cambridge has the following edit history: http://daviswiki.org/Users/Cambridge?action=userinfo


complaintdepartment has the following edit history: http://daviswiki.org/Users/complaintdepartment?action=userinfo


Has ignored outreach, and used the account to endorse non-Campus Recreations things.

  • CampusRec has the following edit history: http://daviswiki.org/Users/CampusRec?action=userinfo
  • An account with the same IP address was created with the name TheWarrior and a personal attack was made against another editor.
    • While he may have ignored outreach, I don't see anything in the edit history (I didn't go through all of it) that was abusive, just edits and corrections mostly in a refined area. Do we think these are the same people for any reason other than IP? —MasonMurray
      • It may not be the same person, but the edit seems to be from someone at Campus Recreation, which is problematic. Indeed, we don't know if the username CampusRec was used by one person or many, so it's hard to say what "same person" is in this case. —cp
        • As per a conversation about a year ago that I had with Paul Dorn (the assistant director of campus rec marketing), the account CampusRec is used by student interns to make edits on behalf of his department. —WilliamLewis