If you'd like to get involved, please do! These are the people who have contributed to the backend of Davis Wiki in some way:

  • Mike Ivanov - Programming: core development, Davis Map, Recent Changes. Look and feel: theme, logos (the good ones).
  • Paul Ivanov - Programming: breaks things, runs into walls, can't sit in a chair properly
  • Philip Neustrom - Programming: core development, search, Events Board, Bookmarks. Look and feel: buttons, logos (the so-so looking ones).
  • David Reid - Programming: random hackery
  • Amit Vainsencher - Systems administration.
  • Zac Morris - I wrote some code for some obscure function thats not actually in use yet. I also made it so you can use [[br]] instead of [[BR]], which... also isn't in use yet. I'm the useless developer.

The use of [[BR]] and [[br]] is no longer necessary. Sorry Zac.

Please see projectsycamore.org for more information.


For wiki-centric stuff, please email [email protected] (for now).


We started the site using MoinMoin, a popular wiki engine. However, we have throughly hacked the MoinMoin code in nearly every respect. We maintain information about our open-source wiki software, called Sycamore, at http://projectsycamore.org.

For our site-search we are using the Xapian API. It's an indexing and querying system that seems to work well.

More can be found in Wiki History.

Help wanted

Got a special talent? Put it to good use by helping out!

  • Graphics: All of the graphics are currently done by the programmers. We would ideally like to have one or more dedicated graphics artists to help develop a consistent look throughout the interface as well as design new logos and flyers.

  • CSS: If you have extensive experience with CSS, you can help us streamline our design and make it easier to maintain.

  • Programming: We are looking for people with experience in the following: Python, C++, Java, XML, database programming. Depending on your availability and experience, the work may range from bug fixes and small features to full-scale overhauls as we strive for scalability and efficiency.

  • System Administrators: We've got our own server, and we can do most things ourselves, but an extremely experienced system administrator who can help us install packages and solve problems quickly would be ideal.

  • If you would like to help please contact PhilipNeustrom.

    If any of you folks are in Davis for the 2006 Summer, drop me a line! I'm doing some heavy coding this summer and working on a top secret project!PhilipNeustrom

    Would Daviswiki like $500? Here's the deal: I need Sycamore installed on my in-house corporate server, but first I need it modified to accept text, pdf and doc attachments. Modify Sycamore, help me install it on my server, and I'll a) donate $500 to your fund and b) contact a couple of my local corporate friends and see if they will make matching donations. Here's the fine print:My server runs Windows Server 2003. Apache and perl are already installed and working. I must have enough information to create documentation on how to do a bare-metal restore of Sycamore. For the donation, I need some document showing your tax-exempt status or else I'll have to give it to an individual along with a 1099 form. The $500 is due and payable when Sycamore is up and running to my satisfaction. If anyone is interested in helping me, please contact me at [email protected] or call 297-6073 and ask for Jim