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Elected Officials

  • I don't want NPOV, but with Ari and Ara complaining about equal representation, what are we supposed to say? Sorry, no equal representation here? See also Gabriel Bang: Prominently displayed is the fact he was arrested — a fact no one would ordinarily know. It's true, but it's not really fair to him. There's nothing else on the page so it just jumps out at you. I guess just stressing not being afraid of disagreement, etc, might be enough. If someone (and I know there are people out there) complains, they can remove it, there can be debate, etc. But if I search for "Gabriel Bang" on google, that's what I see as the top hit. When Gabriel Bang applies for a real job in a few years, and his employeer googles him, that's what they'll see. It's not fair, in my mind.
    • I really wish that paragraph would be deleted from gabe's page. Only one man has the power to do it.
    • It may not be fair, but it is hilarious. This is just the terrifying internet world we live in. The top hit for my name on google is some long-assed stupid crap I posted on my livejournal when I was drunk. I sure hope employers don't actually google people. — TravisGrathwell
    • True, it looks bad being the only thing on his page, but you have to remember, he is an elected offical, paid by the students to represent them, not only in the ASUCD senate, but to the Davis public as well. I felt like it was something inappropriate. This is a 100% public fourm, meaning anyone including Gabe has the right to edit his page and tell the entire world about Gabe Bang. The fact is, there isn't that much to say about Gabe Bang. When was the last time he introduced legislation, or was the dissenting vote? If it's the general consensus that the paragraph needs to go, i'll take it down. As far as the Ari thing goes, the fact that he was not reelected as SOS president is important to his campaing. It's not something that he would put in his candidate statement, but voters should know that although Ari was doing great things for SOS, his consituencey chose not to reelect him. — ArlenAbraham
      • Why didn't you write "When was the last time he introduced legislation, or was the disenting vote?" in the first place? You should replace the paragraph with this. — RishiTrivedi
      • Gabe has since updated his page and explained his actions. I think this is more fair now. - ArlenAbraham
        • I understand that you're trying to keep our public officials accountable, but I still think the paragraph should go. By the way, mistaking getting arrested for getting a citation was a huge error. — RishiTrivedi