You'll see many people talking about "Wiki Ethics" and "rules". There are no specific rules here on Davis Wiki... but like any group that has been around, we've developed a society with traditions that allow us to work together. Like most societies, if you've been around for awhile, you'll garner enough respect to bend those traditions a bit, but going against them from the beginning will likely irritate a large group of people... sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing.

For example, Most entries operate on a "multiple bias" system. Rather than trying to be objective, an entry goes up, and somebody with a different bias adds a different viewpoint - the process continues until the entry accumulates many different biases and becomes well rounded and opinionated.

When Saul S. first arrived, he was under the impression that objectivity is a goal, and started removing bias and opinions. Many editors didn't like this, and opinions and biases grew faster wherever Saul tried to remove them. Saul still has his opinion on objectivity, and as a member of the Wiki, has moved the site as a whole a bit toward objectivity, but he now recognizes that Davis Wiki operates a bit differently than his vision, and now adds useful entries.

  • Actually my views about the Wiki haven't really changed. I edit things for objectivity when I think they are unfairly or especially negatively biasing something. I also like people to own up to the things they say, and I don't think the info page is enough so I like to add comment attribution. The real difference is I have more of a life, less time, and honestly I feel in part because of me, there are less things I find that are as irritating. — Saul S.