Windsurfing? in W. Sac???  YES!

Lake Washington, just off Industrial Blvd., at the Port of Sacramento, gets the Delta Breeze from May to September.  Great conditions for beginning windsurfers: relatively warm, flat water.  Windsurfing is a core-building, total-body workout, without repetitive joint-stress.  Lake Washington Sailing Club has boards and pre-rigged sails available for members to check out.  

Saturday classes start May 5th from Noon to 4:00 pm -- $40/members, $60/non-members.  Subsequent classes:  May 19thJune 2nd & 16thJuly 7th & 28th

Registration/Questions: [email protected] or (916) 877-6276 

Also, we provide windsurfing classes for youth (ages 10 - 17). See more info on the event calendar.

Lake Washington Sailing Club is an association of individuals interested in small boat sailing, windsurfing and racing. We are an independent club licensed by the Port of West Sacramento, just nine miles east of Davis (Direction from Davis). Our Club facilities are located at the Port of West Sacramento at the South end of Harbor Blvd. Lake Washington Sailing Club has the most consistent winds among the sailing venues nearest Sacramento.