The Winter 2004 ASUCD Election was the second election to use choice voting and was a rare election, an independent candidate not only won, but came in second place. Independent candidate Donald Cohen-Cutler who ran on the slogan "break the slate" came in second place behind number one vote-receiver Adam Barr. Cohen-Cutler's victory paved the way for more succesful independent and third party involvement; Keith Shively, Avi Singh, Rob Roy, Kristen Birdsall, Michael Molnar. The author of the choice voting ASUCD amendment, Sonny Mohammadzadeh, also ran, but was unsuccesful. Sonny, who was backed by the Green Party might be attributed to planting the seeds for the creation of Students for an Orwellian Society slate and Friends Urging Campus Kindness. The Green party was rumored to be putting together a slate for this election, but none materialized. The executive ticket was also unique as it saw an independent ticket, Evan Beecher and Ryan Basilio. Another unique featuer is that the California Aggie-endorsed executive ticket, Levale Simpson and Pam Palpallatoc did not win.

Additionally, the Student Bill of Rights appeared on the ballot as Constitutional Amendment 1 and passed with roughly 80% of the voters approving it with a yes vote.

Executive Candidates

Senate Candidates

Ballot Measures


*Levale Simpson and Pam Papallatoc went on to be the 2004-2005 Student Assistants to the Chancellor

**Sapana Shende went on to run unsuccesfully for ASUCD President with Student Focus in the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election

***Cari Ham was not elected in the Winter 2004 Election, but was appointed Senator by ASUCD President Kalen Gallagher after the resignation of Adam Barr. Barr resigned for financial reasons. Ham finished out Barr's Winter quarter term.

****Adam Barr received the number one votes. However, he only finished two quarters of his 3 quarter term. He resigned due to financial reasons. He was replaced by Cari Ham.

*****Darnell Holloway went on to successfully run for ASUCD Vice President in the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election and ASUCD President in the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election