The Winter 2019 ASUCD Elections were held from February 20th at 8am until February 23rd at 8am. Six Senate seats, along with the President and Vice President, were up for election. Voting took place, as always, at

With 21 ASUCD Senate candidates, this was another unusually high number of candidates in an ASUCD Election, with other notable ones being the Fall 2004 ASUCD Election (20) and Winter 2005 ASUCD Election (23).  Total Voter turnout was 2,956


The results became official the following week and the Senators-elect are sworn in on week 10 of Winter Quarter.

Executive Winners

Michael Gofman won President and Vice President respectfully as part of the Unite! slate.

Senate Winners

# Candidate Slate #1 Votes Votes for Seat
#1 Brandon Clemons Unite! 373 423
#2 Simranjit Kaur BASED 355 428
#3 Alisha Hacker Unite! 292 452
#4 Jumoke Maraiyesa BASED 259 444
#5 Atanas Spasov Unite! 271 391
#6 Ko Ser Lu Htoo BASED 193 302

Quota was 863. 


The California Aggie

  • Executive: The Aggie Editorial Board Endorsed Julie Jung and Julienne Correa of the BASED Slate
  • Senate:
    • #1 Atanas Spasov — Unite! Slate (won)
    • #2 Daniel Tillman - BASED Slate (lost)
    • #3 Ko Ser Lu Htoo — Unite! Slate (won)
    • #4 Simran Kaur - BASED Slate (won)