The Winter 2019 ASUCD Elections were held from February 18th at 8am until February 22nd at 8am. Six Senate seats, along with the President and Vice President, were up for election. Voting took place, as always, at

With 14 ASUCD Senate candidates, this was another unusually high number of candidates in an ASUCD Election, with other notable ones being the Fall 2004 ASUCD Election (20) and Winter 2005 ASUCD Election (23). 


The results became official the following week and the Senators-elect are sworn in on week 10 of Winter Quarter.

Executive Winners

Justin Hurst and Shreya Deshpande won President and Vice President respectfully as part of the BASED slate.

Senate Winners

# Candidate Slate #1 Votes Votes for Seat
#1 Shondreya Landrum BASED 1011 1011 (top vote count)
#2 Anna Estrada BASED 577 950
#3 Victoria Choi Unite! 706 880
#4 Andre Spignolio Unite! 671 1090
#5 Sahiba Kaur BASED 483 886
#6 Rebecca Gonzales BASED 447 853

Quota was 863. 


The California Aggie

  • Executive: No Exec endorsement was made by the aggie.
    • From the Article: "While the Editorial Board preferred the policies and platforms of the Unite! executive ticket, the Board ultimately had concerns about both tickets and could not come to a consensus regarding an executive endorsement."
  • Senate:
    • #1 S​ahiba Kaur — BASED Slate (won)
    • #2 Justin Weiner — Unite! Slate (lost)
    • #3 Victoria Choi — Unite! Slate (won)


The Unitrans Referendum of 2019 was on the ballot, passing with 35% voter turnout, with 94% in favor.