312 Railroad Ave.
Winters, CA 95694
(530) 795-4551
[email protected]
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The Winters Express, or just Express, is the local newspaper for Winters. It is published weekly, on Thursdays. Single copy cost is $.50 (or $.47 for the paper plus $.03 tax on the information, as they say!) The editor, Debra J. Lo Guercio, is known to Davis Enterprise readers for her "Because I Say So" column. They call themselves the "A solar powered newspaper". To their credit, their newspapers (since 2004-06-30) are available online -for free- as .pdf files. The errata is included as color correction marks. The paper is owned by McNaughton Newspapers, as is the Davis Enterprise.


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2006-10-25 18:28:37   This newspaper is really well written. It is the best that I have read in Northern California of any size short of the San Francisco Chronicle, much better than the Emptyprise or the Sacramento Bee. —NickSchmalenberger