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Round 1

Who:Geography Graduate Group When: June 5-8, 2007

TeamTwoPlusOrMinusThree (Bonus points for making it look fun)

Newsbeat sells German Chocolate. 2
Tibet Nepal has lots of stuff from Tibet & Nepal 2 Duplicate
Cantina Del Cabo serves Dutch Beers 2
Unitrans drives some English double decker buses (We decided that a movable object is defined as something that a team can do with their own human power, this is fairly unmovableswith 2 people) 5

Team Ce jeu me semble bien idiot translation:"This game seems to me quite idiotic"

Kim's Mart the owner is from Korea 1
Pasta's international staff includes a Costa Rican and a Mexican 2.5
Ag Econ putting some French Canadian researchers to work 1.5
Death Star equal opportunity academic enslavement for Chinese and Romanian researchers too 3
English Payphone booth at the MU Bustop 5 Duplicate
Kim's Mart sells Japanese stuff too. Score

Team ItHasAnAvacadoInIt

De Colores Haitan Voodoo Tapestry 2
De Colores Bolivian ? 2
De Colores optional descriptive text. Score
Bicycle A Peugeot bike, classic of French cycling 2
Davis Shambhala Meditation Center Prayer Flags and unidentified wall hanging. 2
English Payphone booth on D st. 5 Duplicate
Taiwanese employee at Futon Emporium with some tasty snacks. 3
Futon Emporium's Japanese Tatami Room 5
Pasta's coliseum picture with a real Italian. 3
A Page in the Wiki optional descriptive text. Score
De Colores animal sculptures from Oaxaca Mexico 2
Taqueria Guadalajara wait staff and wall mural 3
De Colores Indian tapestry made of reused portions of old silk Saris 2
Botanical Conservatory Sumatran stinky plant past it's prime. 2

Things that didn't get points

More to come... (I know get to the pictures already)

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A Page in the Wiki optional descriptive text. Score
A Page in the Wiki optional descriptive text. Score


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StevenDaubert says I person pushes the pedal on the bus, it moves, the other does the flag for safety... Voila bus moves with 2 people...

We had this discussion at the scoring party, and decided human power meant literal human power, no human augmented power, it's still arguable as to if the bus could be pushed by 2 people while in neutral—AlexMandel