Yena Bae was elected ASUCD Vice President during the Winter 2012 ASUCD Election. Previously, she served as an ASUCD Senator who was elected in the Winter 2011 ASUCD Election running on the BOLD slate.

Yena Bae is pursuing a double major in International Relations and Communication. She has been involved in different areas of the campus. Her experience included being a commissioner on the External Affairs Commission, cashier at the Coffee House, member of the Mustard Seed Ministry, Campus Tour Guide, and Aggie Ambassador!

Senatorial Candidate Statement

Hello Everyone!!

My name is YENA BAE and I am running for ASUCD Senate with the BOLD slate. My love and pride for UC Davis have grown tremendously over the past year, and will only increase. My passion and desire to bring effective and long-lasting changes to this campus have driven me to run for senate this upcoming term.

I have come up with three main proposals I could personally work on to better our student body in my possible term of senate.

1. Explore Downtown Davis Week: I want freshmen and transfers to have a smooth transition into their new surroundings. To do that, I hope to work with a variety of dining venues in downtown Davis which will give special discounts during the first week in Davis. This will encourage freshmen and transfers to go out and explore our beautiful city, filled with great places to eat without stressing about financial issues during the first week. The venues that win The California Aggie's “Best of Best” will be contacted first so that we can introduce the current students’ favorite places to eat to the freshmen and transfers.

2. Extra Study Halls during Finals: I want to allocate money towards renting out different classrooms on campus for students during finals week. Because there are only 24 study halls that are available 24/7 during finals week, students have to look for other locations to study at. I am hoping to rent out places like the ARC Ballroom and Freeborn hall. I also want to publicize all late-night operation locations on campus that will provide safe and quiet places for students to study at.

3. Hydration Stations: With my experience as a cashier at the ASUCD Coffee House, I found that many customers often buy bottled water or pay 25 cents for a paper cup to drink water. Hydration Stations have been very popular among our freshmen inside each dorm lounge. I propose that we put more Hydration Stations around the MU, lecture halls, and any busy areas for students to have quick and easy access to water on campus. This will also help our campaign to support going “green” as it will get us one step closer to becoming a zero-waste campus.

I am super excited and honored to have the opportunity of being one of your senators. If elected, I can promise my full dedication and commitment toward better serving YOU students to enhance the quality of your student life on and off campus. VOTE YENA BAE # 1 on FEBUARY 16TH-18TH AND REST OF BOLD slate 2-6!!

Vice Presidential Candidate Statement

Hey UC Davis! We are Rebecca Sterling and Yena Bae, and we are running to be your next ASUCD President and Vice President. Rebecca is a former ASUCD Senator, currently the Student Police Relations Chair, and serves on the Justice Reynoso Task Force, and a member of Tridelt. Yena is currently an ASUCD Senator, serves on the Chancellor's 2020 Initiative Enrollment Committee, and works at the CoHo.

Our message is simple: student needs are not being met or heard; in order to change this we need to come together as a united student body. We deserve a student government that is prepared to represent us and bring innovative ways to move forward improving student life. We have direct plans to make UC Davis the premier campus for student advocacy, sustain excellence in our services for students, reestablish the Davis community, and create a fun and vibrant environment on campus.

We are here to campaign with you, so Aggies, let’s get together and do work.

STUDENTS IN MRAK This is the time for us to make sure students’ voices are on the table guiding administration. In collaboration with University Affairs, we will assure student representation in every administrative advisory committee.

FLOOD THE CAPITOL There is no reason why UCD shouldn’t be California’s premier spot for student advocacy. We commit to transporting students to and from their legislators’ offices, because as constituents we must be heard. As your student body representatives, we will dedicate ourselves to being in the capitol two days a week, every week, lobbying state legislators in favor of higher public education until California’s budget is passed.

OUR DAVIS As your representatives, we will make sure students are not left out of discussions of city policy. We will not stand for Picnic Day to be threatened. We will not sit back and watch a Minor Alcohol Preclusion Ordinance pushed forward. We will advocate to reform the city’s noise ordinance, renter’s rights, and increase Aggie Pride throughout downtown.

IMPROVE OUR UNITS WITH CASHLESS TIPSY TAXI- Forget your money at home? We'll make sure you can use your Visa/MasterCard/etc. to get home safely with Tipsy Taxi. BY MARKETING- We will establish collaboration among units to directly market our services more effectively. Progressive objectives will include a system wide ASUCD Mobile App, Unitrans ads, and inter-unit advertising. BY FINANCIAL CONSULTING- We will systematize greater and more objectively informed financial knowledge for our student representatives who manage the unit’s budgets, and unit directors who operate them.

LIVE MUSIC ON CAMPUS When our city keeps targeting night life, let's bring campus alive! We will provide students a place on campus to listen to local live music, relax, have fun and get together as Aggies.

ADOPT-A-STUDENT PROGRAM Being a student is expensive; it’s hard to cook meals on a college budget and daily schedule. We will engage students with the broader community of Davis by pairing students with families to be ‘adopted’ for home cooked dinners.

FIELD DIRECTOR By creating this job, the Field Director will bring ASUCD’s mission of true student representation back to campus. This will mobilize the student body to form a unified front to face our collective challenges of constant fee hikes and unreceptive legislators and regents.

Vote REBECCA STERLING and YENA BAE for President AND Vice President February 21-23 at

We are excited for another opportunity to serve our student body. This campaign is for you, so please let us know how we could better serve you. [email protected] and [email protected] - feel free to get in touch with us!



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