This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


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Yolo Soapbox was a Yolo County political discussion site. Covering political and social issues throughout the county, is a forum site where users sound off on what's important to them. After a great start in April 2006, the site averaged hundreds of visitors everyday. By 2008, it was gone.

Current issues include PG&E and SMUD, the Frank Sieferman vs. Matt Rexroad vs. Brenda Cedarblade supervisorial race in Woodland, police review in Davis, and more.

New features include regular commentators, who serve as online columnists.



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Here's what it looks like in my browser (firefox) on OS X:

2006-06-01 21:42:32   Yes, it's really messing up with Firefox —AndrewRamos

2006-06-01 22:21:20   You have to use Explorer to view it correctly. This wasn't the case until last week when something was changed. —SharlaDaly

2006-06-02 17:00:03   Problem seems to have been fixed now. Blog on! —AndrewRamos

  • The table still runs off the edge in firefox which is way obnoxious. It's not worth scrolling right on every page just to read the thoughts of townies who are even more incredibly bitter at everything than I am. —TravisGrathwell

2007-05-04 00:09:56   May be dead. Sends to a DNS reseller as of 5/1/07 —NotTires