Yolo County SPCA
Cats for Adoption
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The Yolo County SPCA Has Many Adoptable Cats and Kittens!

Fostering: The SPCA has lots of cats but very few foster homes. To consider fostering [email protected]

Many cats end up in shelters, and are euthanized. The SPCA is trying to reduce that problem, by rescuing as many cats as they can!

Cats are very nice pets and are good with kids. Consider adopting an SPCA cat/kitten today!

The cat program of the Yolo County SPCA also has a facebook page! Be sure to "like" it to see success stories, more info about adoptable cats, and more!

In addition the cat program also has a newsletter called the "Mewsletter". The Mewsletter comes out quarterly (and there could be more editions depending on we have time or not) If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter please email [email protected]! Here are links to the past Mewsletters:

Photos of Cats Waiting to Be Adopted


More cats available to adopt on Petfinder

Adoption process

Steps to Adoption:

  1. Check the requirements checklist below

  2. Fill out and return an adoption application.

  3. Pay adoption fees at the time you receive your pet.

Adoption Requirements Checklist:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old. Be prepared to provide identification.

  2. If you adopt a dog or cat, agree to have your pet spayed or neutered. The adoption counselor will make arrangements for spay or neuter surgery as part of the adoption process.

  3. You must guarantee adequate exercise, food, water, shelter, vaccinations, medical care, grooming, identification, lifelong care and love for your new pet.

  4. You must adhere to state and local ordinances pertaining to animal care and control.

  5. In addition, in keeping with Yolo County SPCA's mission, animals will not be adopted to a research institute, to someone who sells animals to research institutions, or to a person with a history of animal abuse. Yolo County SPCA reserves the right to deny the adoption of any animal.

NOTE: There is a two week "trial period" after an animal is adopted. If, for any reason at all, the animal must be returned to us during the first two weeks after the adoption, we will either fully refund the adoption fee, or help to place the family with another animal in our system.

Adoption Application:

Other animals that you can adopt of foster from the Yolo SPCA are puppies and rabbits.