607 Main Street Woodland, CA 95695
Monday - Closed
Tuesday-Saturday - 11 am-5 pm
Sunday - Closed

There is a change in ownership and name. See http://www.davisenterprise.com/business/woodland-thrift-store-to-remain-open-benefit-wayfarer-center/

The Yolo Hospice has the best window displays you will ever see in a thrift store. Don't drive too fast, or you will miss its location because it seems to blend in with the neighboring antique stores. There is usually a rack of clothes sitting near the front door during business hours. A unique feature of this thrift store is that it seems to have an unusual abundance of craft / sewing supplies such as yarn, buttons, patterns, etc. Most clothes are lightly used and very reasonably priced. Retro, antique, and other unusual items are commonly available in the store but priced higher. All in all, this place is definitely worth your time.


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2007-06-03 01:05:46   I came here today during a massive 80% off everything sale. The people that run this place are very kind, and they make it obvious that you should want to buy things. Lots of cool things in this place. I managed to pick up a really good electronic toothbrush for $0.75. Just replaced the head, and it was as good as new. —CalvinV

2007-07-13 16:38:05   I went there today and seen 2 walkers for 150.00 each you can get these same ones at costco brand new for 79.99 exact same and this is a thrift store should be thrifty. I find that people take advantage of people at stores like this should not be called a thrift store way way over priced there is no thrift stores any more all over priced sad to see that a place called hospice can take advantage of disabled people by over pricing items i would defenitly shop at a retail store you pay maybe the a little bit less —dickjones

  • Did you point this out to them? I doubt they're purposefully out to take advantage of disabled people - I expect it's more that the volunteer doing the pricing isn't aware of the actual retail value. —JessicaLuedtke

2007-07-18 14:33:37   I HAVE TALKED TO THE PERSON WHO RUNS THE PLACE SHE CHARGES WAY TO MUCH FOR All medical supplies sad if you ask me, prices need to be lowered that is bottom line. —dickjones

2009-08-11 20:33:10   This is my favorite local thrift store. By far the most affordable that I've found in the area—the only place I've seen that has prices comparable to Reno (Kietzke Lane area). Men's dress shirts are maybe $2, pants maybe $4.

Every time I've been there are 50% off sales, though often this does not include big ticket items (which is typical).

I've spoken with the manager, Lynn, who is really helpful and very sweet. Great place. —BryanPon

2011-01-16 13:11:47   this thrift store is so dope. i snagged a cardigan, a shirt, a tape, and a hat for like $2.50. that's a deal and a half! probs the best thrift store in woodland. good selection, nice people. —ChillMurray

2011-06-17 20:22:07   This is a great thrift store with much better selection than available in Davis. They always seem to be having a big sale, so the prices are usually half off. I don't know why somebody said it was expensive. For example, I found clean baby clothes there for like a quarter each, which I've never seen in a thrift store before. Also, you can recycle clothes and shoes and such that are too gross to donate, which is good to know. —EricBrattain