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Raul Zamora, Owner/Broker

Raul H. Zamora, Owner / Broker

Raul Zamora, Owner/Broker of Z1 Properties Management & Sales (a property management company), has called Davis home since 2006. He and his wife, Christie Zamora, own Creme de la Creme, a European gift and home accents store in Downtown Davis.

Raul first became licensed as a California Real Estate Agent in 2008 and obtained his Broker's license in 2009. After several successful years as general manager for Dowling Properties he was encouraged by the positive feedback of his clients and tenants to open his own business and started Z1 Property Management in October 2011. His experience includes residential and commercial property management.

Z1 Property Management is committed to providing quality property management and dependable professional service. Raul believes in giving personalized service and values thorough communication to ensure a positive working relationship with his clients that often exceeds their expectations. Z1 Properties strives to continually set the standard for excellence in everything that we do. They take all matters relating to their customers seriously and act with a sense of urgency to be responsive to them.

In 2016, Z1 Properties was named Best Property Management in Yolo County in the Davis Enterprise's Reader's Choice Awards.

Client-related goals:

  • Minimize vacancy time
  • Maximize rental income
  • Superior marketing and maintenance of your property
  • Retention of quality tenants
  • Trusted advising to enhance your investment
  • Care for your property as if it were our own home

Tenant-related goals:

  • Honor lease agreements
  • Comply with all tenant/landlord regulations
  • Promptly respond to service and maintenance requests
  • Create a positive living environment
  • Maintain open communication
  • Foster professional, friendly tenant/landlord relationships
  • Renew your lease(s) with us because you love living at our properties

Raul Zamora, licensed real estate broker, can also be your representative for any real estate transaction as needed.


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2011-10-25 12:22:30   We really respect Raul. He is very personable and really looks out for you as a property manager. We felt loved and cared for. He really cares about people's properties and is a professional businessman! We are excited he is starting his own company! —EricPavlina

2011-10-27 16:29:58   I've known Raul for a few years, and he has always been helpful and open to communication. He found a great place for me when I was living in Davis, and always remembered my name whenever we met by chance. Best of luck with the new company. —CharlesWinkelmann

2011-10-27 19:15:35   Raul was my property manager for a long time and he was wonderful. He was incredibly professional and respectful in addition to being exceptionally nice. He constantly made sure that I was happy and feeling like all my needs were taken care of. Could not have asked for a better property manager. —AshleyRader

2011-10-28 03:18:51   As our property manager for the last few years, Raul has always been kindly, thoughtful, organized, and able to set priorities. Good luck with the new business! —BelaRiversLyons —BelaRivers

2011-10-29 12:34:26   Raul was my property manager for a year, and he was great! What few property issues occurred were taken care of quickly and professionally. I would rent with him again! —JillNevins

2011-10-30 12:23:43   Raul was my property manager when he was with Dowling Properties. He was always responsive and personable. Next time I'm looking for a place around Davis, I'll definitely look him up. —KeithM

2011-11-04 18:20:04   We rent from Dowling Properties and have had good experiences with Raul. He is friendly and responsive, and has taken care of any issues that we've had promptly and professionally. —ShannonSeil

2011-11-16 14:55:50   I was in Davis for a one year sabbtical stay at UC-Davis with my wife and two daughters. Raul was at Dowling properties and helped us finding a nice house and everything else we needed. His constant interest and kindness was essential during our first steps in Davis, and later on we established a deep friendship with his wife Christie. This friendship is nowadys still alive despite time and distance. Great experience ! Keep going, Raul. Our best wishes from Barcelona. —Felip

2012-03-22 16:13:29   We have had a really good experience with this company. Raul worked very hard to meet all of our needs, and we had a lot of special requirements with our rental. I'm very impressed, and I can confidently recommend his company. —ShannanShaw

2012-04-25 20:08:37   I recently moved to Davis and found Raul to be professional and personable. This is the first time the property has been utilized as a rental. There have been some first time rental issues that I've encountered and Raul is approachable and available to meet my needs. I could not be happier with my situation.....thanks, Raul! —loribergum

2012-07-02 00:10:39   We're fortunate to have Raul managing 2 properties for a partnership my sisters and I formed a few months ago. He took charge of all the repair and cleaning needed to put the property on the market and got it done at an excellent price. His taste and advice are helpful. His work is professional and he appears to be keeping the tenants happy. He is even helping us get set up with more distant property he chooses not to manage. —AdrienneKandel

2012-07-13 19:29:08   Raul was our saving grace when we came to Davis 2 years ago! He was a wonderful liason between the owners of the property and ourselves, and we greatly appreciated his warmth, knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism. We would recommend him without reservation to anyone. He's just a great guy, and always willing to go the extra mile! We wish him all the best with his new company—he deserves it!


2012-07-16 20:47:38   Raul has been awesome, working hard to find a high quality renter and taking care of all the little things that come up. He's made our transition to being landlords pretty painless and has been a great liaison between ourselves and our tenant. I'd recommend him to anybody thinking about renting out their house.


2012-08-27 17:21:48   Raul took over my lease this year from another leasing agency in town. He stood up for us when it was time to get our security deposit back and the old leasing agency endorsed charging us for items we had noted were damaged or missing in our house for the walk in. I was very impressed with his integrity and professionalism. Shortly after he took over the lease we had a water based cooling system on our roof leak and he had it dealt with immediately. If you're tired of the large housing agencies that dont remember or care who their individual tenants are and are slowed down in everything that they do by their bureaucratic nature, then I recommend Z-1 properties because having a professional one-on-one relationship with your renter can take care of so many problems that otherwise crop up when the relationship is completely one-sided and the agency doesn't view the tenants as actual people. —MichaelSteinman

2012-09-22 19:45:41   Raul managed our lease while at Dowling Properties and when he started his own leasing agency, Z1 Properties. Not only is he easy to communicate with, he was helpful and friendly. Raul handled all issues regarding the lease, rent, and the security deposit professionally and diligently. When we had an issue with the property, Raul negotiated a repair with the owners, despite the maintenance not being included in the lease. He maintained good relationships with his tenants and I would recommend Z1 Properties for any tenant or homeowner looking to rent their property. —LeahWilke

2012-10-16 04:15:38   Raul ,like many others it seems, was the manager of my property during his tenure at Dowling Properties. I encouraged him to utilize his talents to benefit himself directly. I was one of the properties that was "shovel readied" to another leasing agent when Dan decided to loosen his load a bit. I recently terminated my contract with the agent that I was handed off to and sought out Raul due in large part to the great service I received while in his care at the previously mentioned property management firm. Raul's customer service has always been and continues to be, customer oriented, whether representing the Owner or Tenant. I recommend his services without reservation. Blackie —BlackieBlackburn

2013-03-09 18:10:52   Raul is an excellent and incredibly responsive property manager. He has been nothing but helpful in the time that I have known him. He even answered a late-night repair emergency at the house I am renting — something that other property managers and landlords I've had in the past did not do. Raul is by far the best property manager I have dealt with, and I strongly recommend him to both renters and those looking for a reliable, trustworthy property manager. —jialei

2013-05-15 14:29:32   Raul was recommended to us by a friend when we were in a transition of relocation. We were in need to lease our property in Davis. Raul helped us went through the transition very peacefully. His rich experience and knowledge on porperty management really impressed us. He made the process on leasing our property so easy and efficient. Our property was cleaned and leased within a month at great price! We are very happy to work with him. We strongly recommend Raul if anyone needs a property manager. —LisaWang

2013-05-28 15:35:25   Raul has managed a rental property for us for about two years now. We've been very happy with his service. He's responded quickly to any questions we've had, forwards to us any inquiries and repair requests made by the tenant, and makes sure those inquiries and requests are addressed quickly. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a property manager. Paul Michelson —PaulMichelson

2013-08-18 18:39:09   I came to know Raul out of Chaos and the hidden war that is Davis property management and real estate. In other words the owners of the condo my family and I were renting fired the property management company that we were renting through and hired Raul. Upon is unexpected phone call he also informed us that the owners had decided to sell the condo! We went from happy family to OMG what is going to happen to us in the space of one day. That being said Raul really came to bat for us. He made sure that prospective buyers respected our privacy (I am a stay at home mama with a toddler) and showed the property only on my schedule. We had a lease but living in a rental to be sold is pure HELL, so we asked to be let free of our lease a YEAR early. Again Raul came to bat for us and pulled strings not only to get us out of the lease but to help us find a new and better house in the same price range. He even drove over a truck full of free packing boxes for me because have a small car. We moved into an awesome new place, the old condo sold in under 4 weeks and we are happily settling into our new home. Raul you rock! Thank you soooooo much for all of your hard work...! —MayaHopkins

2013-12-20 17:34:14   We interviewed several property managers when our property became available to rent. Raul Zamora from Z1 Properties was the last property manager we interviewed and we knew instantly he was the right person for the job. He is professional, experienced, trustworthy, and incredibly easy to work with. He communicates well between the owner and the renter so that a great working relationship can develop. He was able to rent our property in 3 days. We would highly recommend Raul Zamora from Z1 Property to be your property manager whether you are renting a property or looking for a property to rent. —LucyAsai

2014-07-08 10:56:50   After two years of working with Raul, first as my landlord and then as my real estate agent as a first time home buyer, I couldn't recommend him more highly.

First, on the property management front. My wife and I lived in a duplex he managed for about the past two years, and it was a great experience. Raul works closely with both the tenant and the owner to work out a reasonable lease. You should be aware that his client is the property owner; he is responsible to the owner, and it is clear that he takes that relationship seriously. That said, he was great about negotiating our requests with the owners of our duplex, including talking them into allowing first a cat, then a dog in the property—something the owners were reluctant to do. Obviously, your mileage may vary; it's up to the owner to ultimately decide what to allow. He also negotiated a better move-in time for us, with a prorated discount on the first month's rent.

Raul is also always available and very responsive to any significant maintenance and repair issues that may arise. He's got a very knowledgeable group of contractors and whatnot that he works with, and they make time to handle all requests he sends their way promptly. They're very good at working around a tenant's schedule as needed, even when they're on other jobs.

You should be aware that if you're used to living in an apartment complex with on-site maintenance staff, renting a house or duplex is a different experience. There isn't someone wandering around the property 40 hours a week at your beck and call. If you look at reviews for some of the other property managers in town, or at the California Tenant's Handbook, you'll see that it's common for issues to take days or weeks to get resolved—but not so with Raul. The few times we had any significant concern, he had somebody out to look at the place the next day.

Second, there's the real estate front. Raul is an independent real estate broker, and we chose him to represent us in our hunt for our first home. Raul was always available, and he has a strong sense of the Davis (and Woodland, although we weren't looking there) real estate market. He had plenty of recommendations for us and worked within our budget. There was no pressure (including when looking at houses where he represented the seller), just lots of support at all times. Whenever we wanted to go see a house, he made it happen immediately, working around our schedules—nights, weekends, whatever worked for us, he made himself available.

There was also a major perk to working with Raul as both landlord and real estate agent: he lined up a new renter for our old place promptly, getting us out of our lease a month and a half early, which saved us a substantial amount.

Raul also referred us to Marc Thompson - Mortgage Planner, who was incredibly helpful to us in nailing down our budget, planning, and ultimately securing a mortgage on favorable terms.

All in all, I highly recommend Raul from the perspective of both a renter and a home buyer. And while I don't have first-hand experience on the other end, I expect that if we end up selling or renting out our house down the line, Raul will be our first call for a property manager or real estate agent. —TomGarberson

2014-07-16 16:48:49   Z1 Property is the best! Raul is very professional and easy to work with. Their properties are very well managed and reasonably priced. Highly recommended! A++++ —AndyTan

2014-08-01 05:16:37   My husband and I had the pleasure of being a tenant of Raul's for the last two years. We had nothing but positive interactions with him as a property manager, he was sincere, friendly, and timely with responses. In our experience, he exhibited a high level of professional integrity as he strived to serve both the tenant and property owners equally, representing both of their best interests. Minda and Mike Cavill —MindaCavill

2014-08-20 00:52:29   Raul was the property manager for my mother's rental house in Davis and then handled the house's sale after 2 years. It was a real pleasure working with Raul because he is so professional yet personable, takes pride in work very well done, and is quite knowledgeable about both the rental and real estate markets in town. He is very responsible and responsive, and will be there to take a phone call at almost any time, or get back asap to messages. Raul's team at Z1 are all highly competent and a pleasure to work with. He is also well connected to a network of trusted tradesmen who can provide bids and/or be hired for repairs and remodeling. As our real estate agent, Raul was exceptional. There was very little that we (me and my step-sister who lives in Florida) had to do beyond keep up with the paperwork (which was made easy through DocuSign). The whole process of selling the house was quick and efficient and surprisingly painless. Most important of all, Raul is an exceptionally nice guy with a great sense of humor and this made working with him a lot of fun. I could not recommend Raul and Z1 highly enough. They are a welcome addition to Davis. —KateScow

2014-10-31 18:51:32   Well, what can I say but thank you for your dedication and professional brilliance! Raul took our sadly abused rental and raised it from the ashes of neglect from it's previous student renters and made it lovely. He and his team moved tons of filth and trash and left over grossness in an absolutely herculean effort and I am so amazed and relieved to have our property in his capable hands. A absolute miracle!!!!! —LizabethKarvelas

2015-07-13 21:38:33   I have signed a lease for a second year with Raul's property management group. He has always returned phone calls, texted back, or emailed either immediately or in a timely fashion. He is a real-estate agent and has assistants that help him; although he himself is a very busy man during certain times of the year, he always goes the extra yard. It is best to just drop into his office if you are serious about renting/buying or have problems with anything. Just speculating here, but most these complaints seem to be of a single property that Raul dropped because the owner didn't want to spend money to maintain it. Then the owner wrote a bad review because he dropped them. No property is maintenance free, I have remodeled a lot of houses in my life. I know it takes a lot of time and money to maintain/update a house and the owner has to be willing to pay for it. We were given the number of a maintenance guy (Jeff) when we moved in. During our first year, there was a minor leaking drain in the house we are renting from Z1, we let the owner know and the owner told us we could call Jeff free of charge to take care of it. Jeff came promptly the next day, and did more then replace the pipe; he replaced the whole garbage disposal! I asked Raul to meet me at the bank to get a couple letters notarized for school residency. When I arrived at the bank on time, he was already there waiting in the lobby. I offered to buy him lunch for his time and he refused to let me. He went above and beyond to do this for me when he was of no obligation to. When we were negotiating the contract for the first year of rent, he gladly added addendum's at our request to further protect ourselves from liability. The contract was fair and comprehensive. The owner of the house is a very nice lady and stopped by to meet us when we moved in. Raul negotiated on our behalf to the owner to allow us three dogs in the house. After months of renting the owner allowed us to even foster a fourth dog with a broken leg for a short time. —meeks32321

2015-07-23 11:20:26   Raul was my property manager for a year - he and his office staff were always extremely professional, helpful and responsive. He really cares about the happiness of his tenants and treated me with the utmost respect - a quality that is typically lacking in other Davis rental companies. It was a pleasure working with Raul and Z1 and I will definitely look to him the next time I need to rent a place! —jrsher01

2015-10-28 13:35:37   I have found Raul Zamora, CEO of Z1 Properties, to be an excellent broker. He promptly found me some good tenants, got me a good monthly rental income, and most important, took care of some real problems as they arose, even doing physical labor when necessary, while charging only 9 per cent of the rental income. I have a certain peace of mind while currently living in Queens New York, knowing that Raul is managing my property and depositing the green stuff into my bank account in Davis. I think most of the other brokers in Davis charge 10 percent, and may not be as conscientious. Raul was recommended highly to me by Bill Kopper, my lawyer in Davis. Bill said emphatically that in his opinion, "Raul is by far, the best broker in Davis." Raul also has a good sense of humor, and that helps lower the anxiety. Finally, as an aside, I further recommended Raul to David Copp, the former Chairman of my Philosophy Department at UC Davis, and after checking him out, David also decided to go with Raul as his broker. Finally, I should say that Raul has an excellent support staff, which really smooths out the various transactions. Joel Friedman —fzjif2357

2018-02-10 14:00:40   We have worked with Z1 Properties to manage our rental property for over 4 years, and we have been very happy with the level of service and professionalism received. We have never had to worry about the condition of our house because of how well Raul vets potential tenants, there are never complaints about the tenants' behavior, and we don't have to worry about the finances because of how Z1 Properties watches the market and prices rent appropriately (which also helps in attracting good tenants). We are so thankful for their attention to detail and commitment to taking care of our property. —NicoleFleming

2018-08-20 01:18:49   We had a great experience renting from Z1 Properties in Davis. Raul is very attentive to any issues that arise and genuinely cares about people. Raul is a dedicated small business owner who has strong relationships that have been built over the years in the community. As a family it was so nice to work with a management company that is supportive of families and quick to respond to maintenance requests. We always really appreciated his kindness and professionalism. —JShoemaker