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Kind Communication
Alex Leach
Payment Method(s)
Sliding scale of $40 - $65.
Adults (especially ages 21-40)
Relationship Issues, Communication, Anxiety or Fears, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Self-Acceptance
Treatment Modality
Interpersonal/Relational, Emotion Focused, Nonviolent Communication, Psychodynamic

As a counselor, I want to have this authentic, real relationship with you where I can give you complete acceptance for who you are and teach you skills to stop second guessing yourself. I love to listen to, appreciate, and validate the experiences of others. I get so excited when people realize that they actually do belong, they don’t have to feel alone or like an outsider, but that their experiences are actually part of the common human experience. I come alive when I’m able to share tools and resources that I know of that help people overcome long-standing problems. And when someone comes closer to being the person they’ve always wanted to be, I’m in awe. I have experience and training in healing old wounds, developing new skills and resources, and helping people not only escape oppression and social conditioning, but also build up life-long defenses against these social forces. I work with you as a partner, I love working alongside my clients as we together overcome your entrenched problems. I see myself as an ally to you, bringing my skills of unconditional acceptance, intuition, imagination, knowledge, and humor to our partnership