506 L Street
24 hours

Auto Washette is a self-serve, coin-operated car wash. Each stall has a brush and high-pressure hose, both connected to a source of foamy/clean water. After washing, you may pull forward to vacuum and dry your car.

Prices as of 11/19/10:

  • Car wash: $2.25 for 5 mins
  • Vacuum: $1.25 for 5 mins
  • Towels: $0.50 each

The machines only takes quarters but a change machine is available. (About one out of four quarters jumps out of the holder.)

The paper towels are cheap, but you may need more than one to dry your whole car. They can be reused after they dry. It is recommended that you bring your own towel.

This self-serve car wash was closed for a few months. After recently changing the drainage from the street to the sewer, it reopened on or about November 17, 2010.

Nothing else about the car wash has changed for now, except that it now belongs to the 5th and L Gas and Mart business owner next door.


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2010-02-13 13:57:20   This place does the job. For $3 you can have a clean car. It's a little old and not as high tech as Planet Wash, but it works. Make sure you have fresh dollar bills for the change machine, it can be picky sometimes. —103

2010-04-19 20:00:02   Looks like this place is closing down. It's been taped off for a couple weeks now. Today I talked to the owner of Aggie Liquor and he said the property (gas station and car wash) has been sold and for the car wash to re-open, the drain system needs to be re-done to drain into the sewer system and not the storm drain system. About 20K worth of repairs. Hopefully the new owner makes the repairs and keep it open. —103

2010-05-03 00:09:58   As of 2 days ago the ($1) vacuums were working. I saw the "Sold" sign yesterday by the street by the gas station. This was my favorite car wash. The gas station was previously sold, but the new owner couldn't get a competitive price from Valero and quit. —BruceHansen

2011-09-18 15:48:57   Awesome Place. My car was literally covered in soot from top to bottom. It was so dirty that I could barely see out of my windows. I only had to spend $1.50 to get my car clean (you gotta be quick about it thou). Great deal for college students!!!

Cons: gotta bring your own towel/squeegee to dry. —kkha91

2012-01-21 14:26:54   quick, inexpensive, equipment works well, moderately clean, bit rundown looking, not too fancy. —kijacker

2013-06-12 11:43:35   Came here to wash the undercarriage, so I put the car on ramps. Sure enough, someone stopped by and asked if I was changing my oil. Guess people used to drain their oil pans here at some point. —DavidBarnum