Doggone Walk-a-thon May 15nd, 2010 in Davis Community Park

The Doggone Walk-a-thon is a fun raiser for the Yolo County SPCA. The Doggone Walk-a-thon began in 2005 and has been going strong ever since. This is the Yolo County SPCA's big fundraiser for the year, and is also a great chance to see some of the dogs that have found great homes over the years, and get out to an event with you dog. The Event includes:

  • Pet Photographer- get a great picture of your family with your pets!
  • Children's Activities
  • Contests for the dogs
  • Local Vendors and animal rescue groups
  • and lots more!

The event is $20 per registered participant and you even get a goodie bag and a T-shirt! Online registration will soon be available at

PHOTOS 2009 One of the many vendors Elizabeth and her pet sitting partner Alex One of the premier sponsers Yolo SPCA Registration Booth

PHOTOS 2006/2007

group of happy people ready to do your tricks registering for the big event grey's anatomy puppy receiving attention reading can be fun when its about the dogs anxiously awaiting their turn border collie love Elizabeth Barthel with Sassy leading the pack Costume 2nd place community support from local companies


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2007-08-16 23:43:18   The doggone walkathon is one of my favorite events because the animal lovers of davis all come together to celebrate their dogs, friends and support the SPCA in placing shelter animals. This is one of the biggest fundraisers for the SPCA.Local companies such as ACE Hardware, PetCo, and many others show their support in forms of donation and booths. There are contests such as best dog trick, musical sits(a crowd favorite,costume contest and off course the 2.5 mile walk) Great time to be with family come support the dog community of davis, who knows you may adopt a dog from the SPCA one day(greys anatomy pups featured this year all received homes- who could resist a border collie pup) Thanks to all for continuing to help make this event a success. —ElizabethBarthel

2010-04-22 19:15:49   Very fun event - I go every year! Lots of former foster pets come along with new friends...I always pick up some cool freebies for animals too :) —KimPruett