The fruit core is a group of organized Davis citizens who are working to ensure that every piece of edible food is used productively as part of the food system- that of growing, producing, eating, and composting food. Our core strategy is gleaning of foods including fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers, and any edible plants.

[email protected]

Here is a public map of edible plants and trees around Davis. Please add your edible plant, its location, and approximate months tress are in season:

We also harvest food on campus. Campus gleaning days are held at the Plant Science's Department Salad Bowl Garden. We harvest food from around the campus such as fruit, nuts, and vegetables.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a host house for the Fruit Core. Being a host house means that you have a tree or plants that you would like harvested by the Fruit Core. In order to become a host house, please email us [email protected].

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