iLL-literacy is a spoken word collective performance group, which used to be on the UCD campus. Now, the off-campus group, started by Adriel Luis and Ruby Veridiano-Ching, is based in the San Francisco Bay area and tours all across the country. They address pertinent topics including race, sex and identity. iLL-literacy also started to publish an independent art magazine called Phlegm.

Many of the remaining iLLiteracy poets still on the Davis campus, have created a group called SickSpits.

[email protected]

The site shows the new developments of the group after it left the Davis campus.


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2005-01-21 19:29:46   I saw/heard these guys perform at the Gender and Sexuality Commission event "The Best Night of Sex You've Ever Had" and thought they were amazing. It was quite an experience: passionate, rich, and absolutely pertinent. —LenaGranik