Julie Hooper with Kareem Salem

Julie Hooper was elected ASUCD Vice President on February 23, 2007.

Julie was an ASUCD Business and Finance Commissioner, the Chief of Staff for the ASUCD Executive Office and a Cal Aggie Camp counselor. She is also the Philanthropy chair of Alpha Phi,the organizer of the King of Hearts philanthropy event as well as the ASUCD Blood Drive. She also volunteers for the ASUCD Lobby Corps and is an active LEADer. She is an official candidate for Vice President in the Winter 2007 ASUCD Election under LEAD. Kareem and Julie's Winter 2007 video candidate statement.


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2007-02-25 02:23:06   I'm honored that my photo of Julie is used on her profile! I'm so happy and excited for the new presidential duo. —MissyWhitney