Kombucha is amazing.

Cultures have been passed down for thousands of year and many have reached Davis, CA. A lot of cultures have emanated from Davis Student Co-op as free kombucha workshops we're offered there for a few years 2007-2009 as part of the Davis Peoples Free School. People continue to share their cultures so the number of people making their own home-made kombucha has exponentially risen. Recently a popular store brand of kombucha was recalled due to labelling issues (the drinks continued to ferment on the shelves...leading to higher alcohol percentage)....thus, a new wave of DIY Kombucha brewers has arisen in 2010.

One cool thing about kombucha is that the physical culture (AKA SCOBY, Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) keeps replicating as you make it so you should be able to find someone with too many cultures to handle themselves and one will be enough for life. If you end up not finding people to share your cultures with, check this page and put your name on it to pass on the favor someone once bestowed onto you. Worst case, you can compost it.