4823 Chiles Road (Same location as Cindy's)
American food breakfast/lunch: Mon-Sun 6:00am-2:00pm
Thai food lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am-3:00pm
Thai food dinner: Mon-Fri, 5 pm-9:21pm, Sat-Sun 4:30pm-9:30pm
Now delivers Anywhere in Davis after 5pm with a $15 minimum and free delivery for orders over $30!
Chris Chuwong
Payment Methods
Cash, All major Credit Cards accepted

Kow Thai Restaurant wears its "Cindy's" hat for breakfast, serving American food, but puts on a Thai food hat for lunch and dinner. Entreés average around $8.95. The restaurant offers free wi-fi.

This location was formerly Thai Dynamite.


House Specialty Appetizer, Soup Soup (cont.), Salad Stir-fried Curry, Fried Rice Fried Rice (cont.), Noodle Fish, Duck, Chef Special Side Order, Dessert, Beverage

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2010-06-20 04:11:52   same people as Thai Dynamite? —StevenDaubert

  • 2010-06-20 07:03:17   When I was there in early June for dinner the hostess was the same, but the food was different from the Thai Dynamite offerings. Leads me to believe the kitchen staff is new. —3prong

  • According to an article in the Enterprise (June 20, 2010), it's a new owner. —CovertProfessor

2010-06-22 22:03:49   I like this place. I went here last Friday with a group of 10 and the food and service were both great. I had pad woon sen with tofu and it was quite tasty. Plenty of black pepper to give it a nice kick but not too spicy that it overwhelmed the rest of the dish. I also tried three of my friends' dishes - 2 other noodle dishes and 1 curry dish - and they were all good. The food was also reasonably priced and unpretentious, unlike some other Thai places in town. As a Thai who grew up eating some pretty good home cooking, I give the food here a thumbs up. The only downside, as I see it, is the location and (if you care about these kinds of things) the atmosphere. The place still looks like a diner, which makes the food seem a little out of place. The Friday night I was there, there were only 2 other tables. The upside to that was that they had no problem seating and serving our large group. I encourage you to give this place a try soon (in case it goes out of business). —Nerissa

2010-06-24 14:40:10   I was excited to try this new Thai restaurant with my friends, however was disappointed by the quality of food. The steamed rice that they served with our lunch entrees looked brown from being old and over cooked. My friend initially thought we had been served brown rice...but I can guarantee you that it was not the case. —Magster

2010-06-30 16:44:52   Tried this with a co-worker and thought it was just so-so. Thai Dynamite was so much better. I felt the same way about the rice. It was mushy and didn't taste fresh. Then they served a blah iceberg lettuce salad with a really sweet thai peanut dressing and chicken and rice soup. Huh? I think the soup is the soup that Cindy's was serving for the non-thai menu. In any event, may try again, but probably not with all the other good thai in Davis. —LokiAbbi

2011-03-30 21:46:13   Not the best thai restaurant in town. The rice is way to mushy. —purplemonkey

2011-04-28 17:24:16   PLEASE post an on-line menu! You'll get much more business. —Marshall

2011-08-10 18:36:54   I was nearby so popped in for some green curry. It was made to my specifications and everything was delightful. The WiFi easily worked very well. —BruceHansen

2011-09-03 18:06:03   more reviews and *menu* on their yelp page http://www.yelp.com/biz/kow-thai-restaurant-davisLauraLibby

2011-10-08 19:51:35   I came here last picnic day. The waiter overcharged us for the bill. Then, when I pointed it out, he left, and came back with a second bill that was also incorrect. I was most annoyed. The Thai food was okay, but considering that there are other Thai restaurants in town that aren't either trying to rip me off or incompetent at addition, I won't be back. —Mbrowne

2011-10-16 14:56:14   This is a sad excuse for Thai food. Food in general, for that matter. Bland to the point of flaccid, and substituting cheaper ingredients in place of the traditional ones. I was severely disappointed and won't come back. It's not that hard or expensive to make very good Thai food. I should have known that a place which shares it space with a diner is going to be compromised. I won't make that mistake again. —Marshall

2011-12-16 16:58:04   food is good but looks like they over charge every time we went there. they must put the gratuity in the final price already! —JeffA

2011-12-16 16:58:29   alright thai food, horrible american food —JeffA

2012-02-02 12:19:54   Went to Cindy's in the evening when it turns into the Thai restaurant. Surprisingly delicious. We usually go to Taste of Thai, but thought of trying this place out base on it's review & the consideration that authentic thai is usually not favored by the general population due to the unusual spice and ingredients not common in most area areas. We got green curry with the choice of squid—(I think it was number 37 or one of the other numbers above it). The culmination of spice, bamboo & green beans were delicious in a way that was exciting and familiar, sort of reminded me of home cook thai food. The second dish we got was red duck curry, which also has a nice taste & balance to the coconuty base. The servers were very nice, really good customer service, despite the longer wait, but I suppose they want to give you enough time to look over the menue & the thai tea had unlimited refill, which is a plus. I found it just right, not too sweet. —kikao

2012-11-02 02:38:38   I love this place. I could eat here every day. The food is great and the staff is freindly. Best breakfast in town and the Thai food is just as good. —rmk734

We showed up (close to closing) but the open sign was still on. To turn us away they said "we are closing in 5 minutes" everyone hates the late table but that is part of the industry. Disheartening... Daubert

2013-03-21 21:12:46   This USED TO BE my favorite Thai resaturant in town. However, the last three or four times I've been here, it has been absolutely terrible. Tonight is the straw that really broke the camel's back though. I picked up take out, and for the second time in a row they got the meat wrong on one of the two dishes I ordered (tofu instead of beef). They also have screwed up the spiciness in a major way the last two times. Last time, they mixed up the orders that were supposed to be spicy and mild. This time, they made the spicy order WAY too spicy. I ordered a 4/5 in spiciness, but this is something that I do routinely both here and at other Thai restaurants in town. I really like a solid kick to my food, but this pretty much left me crippled. I drank three glasses of cold water and a glass of milk and was still dying. This was after only a few bites; I'm going to have to throw out the rest. In conclusion, I will NEVER, EVER go back to this restaurant, despite its convenience for me and how much I used to like it. Oh, by the way, I think the manager is uncomfortably casual and borderline unprofessional. —AlexPerkins

2013-10-23 14:08:51   Tried the Massamun curry with chicken for lunch today. I was with two companions. One ordered French toast, the other red curry with chicken and brown rice and chicken satay. The complimentary soup and salad was pitiful. Soup: little more than chicken broth flavored with cabbage and green onions and sparingly small bits of carrot and green bean. "Salad": cabbage and some a couple spring greens and carrot peel shavings smothered in hollondaise sauce. Cindy's French toast with eggs and bacon appeared quickly and looked yummy. My other companion's red curry with chicken satay that appeared tasty. My Massamun curry arrived at the same time as her's and seemed fine though the rice was overcooked where they had scraped it from the pan. The curry had large potato chunks which, although well cooked, we're not appetizing as it was obvious that they were green. I removed them all from my curry and ate well although I found a small piece of what I assume was beef in the last bite of my meal. Not returning for the Thai in the near future. —E.C.H.