1736 Picasso ave, Suite A, Davis CA 95618
(916) 436-7622
Client Base
Individuals, Couples, Triads+, Groups, Families, Businesses
Sliding Scale $70-$130



About Wildish Work Counseling, Coaching, and Art Mentoring:

Wildish Work is a guided growth process. leaf incorporates the most effective aspects of counseling, coaching, and mentoring techniques with an intuitive, empathetic approach. The mission of Wildish Work is to enrich relationships and facilitate individual growth through deepened access to empathy, creative expression, authenticity, and divergent (out-of-the-box) thinking.

About leaf Tine Wild

leaf is really approachable. He has a knack for making it easy to be  vulnerable and work on the hard stuff. He helps you see new possibilities where things might feel overwhelming. He has a background in art that is inseparable from his creative, non-traditional approach to healing.  He founded Wildish Work: radical counseling without diagnosis, in 2011. and was a faculty member at Interchange Counseling Institute in 2012, which heavily influenced his practice.

Client Concerns

* Friendship, Familial, Business, and Romantic Relationships * Communication * Conflict Resolution * Cohabitation * Co-Housing * Housemates * Team Building * Sexuality * Love * Attachment * Marriage * Gender Identity * Ethnic Identity * Queer Identity * Family Dynamics * Group Dynamics * Divorce * Monogamy * *Polyamoury* *Polyamory* Non-Monogamy * Open Relationships

* Liberation/Oppression * Social Justice * Alienation *Otherness * Consensus * Non-Violent Communication * NVC * Abuse * Anxiety * Anger * Depression * Addiction * Guilt * Shame

* Self-Growth * Academic Achievement * Art * Creativity * Play * Life Coaching * Career Coaching

* Spirituality * Life Transitions * Age-Related, Career, Relational, Location, Ability * Shamanism * Rites of Passage * Ritual


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