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Marvin Zamora is a third-year political science major. When he was a freshman, he was the chair of ASUCD's Internal Affairs Commission and served with his brother, Eric Zamora.

Marvin was an ASUCD Senator on the L.E.A.D. slate and won in the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election.

Marvin is the President for Mga Kapatid, a group committed to opening minds, eyes, and hearts, by providing the community with personal, social, academic, and cultural experiences in order to build unity and develop a deeper appreciation, understanding, and respect for the Filipino and Filipino American cultures and heritage.

Official Candidate Statement

I am running for ASUCD Senate because I see things around campus that should be changed, should be improved, or should be created. The following are just two big projects of many that I would like to bring to the Students should I become elected to office.

First, I would like to bring a computer repair shop here to campus. Computers will break and everyone who has owned one knows that. By creating such a unit ASUCD can provide an “all-problems-solved” place to go to with your broken computers. A computer repair shop would also provide revenue for the association, and when ASUCD makes money, it is able to give back MORE to you, the Students.

Second, I would like to help foster the growth of Aggie TV as a unit, and make it the next KDVS or California Aggie. AGTV has the potential to grow into a great unit, but just hasn't been given the right attention and resources to allocate towards that growth. We can easily expand their viewership by providing a channel in the dorms. If we are purchasing plasma screens, then let's get them a studio to produce their shows in.

So what makes me right for the job? Well, all of my experience within ASUCD comes from my time spent as commission chair of the ASUCD Internal Affairs Commission. As the chair of IAC, I sat AT the ASUCD Senate table, meaning I have first-hand experience working alongside the past senators. Outside of ASUCD, I am also active within the Filipino-American community, working as Public Relations with Mga Kapatid, a Filipino academic, social, and cultural club. Lastly, I am a dedicated student, like all of you, studying both Economics and Political Science.

Help me help you, by voting Marvin Zamora and the rest of LEAD into the ASUCD Senate.


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2006-02-27 13:39:41   I would just like to thank all of my supporters who took the time to vote for me as well as for my fellow slatemates. I will definately be working hard to live up to everyone's expectations, and to make sure that I do a damn good job up there on the 3rd floor. —MarvinZamora