Original Steve's today

314 F St. with patio access from Tim Spencer Alley
Sun-Thu 11:00AM-10:00PM
Fri-Sat 11:00AM-11:00PM
(530) 758-2800
Davis Steve's, Inc. (AKA Jeff Wilkinson)
February 22, 1978

Medium Pepperoni

Original Steve's, the new name for Steve's Pizza with a change of management from Steve to his son, makes a great pizza in mini (8"), small (10"), medium (12"), large (14"), and xl large (16") sizes. They also have pasta, hamburgers, sandwiches, soup, and a salad bar (single trip). They have good lunch specials and seating that can accommodate large groups. There is also a small video game area.

Steve Wilkinson opened his first Steve's Place Pizza on 1978-02-22 in Davis. The Davis location is now owned and operated by his son Jeff. Steve's Place, Inc. has grown to eight regional restaurants, including one in Woodland. For its 2006 sales volume, Steve's was listed by Pizza Today as the 16th most successful independent Pizzeria in the country.

Circa 2005 Steve's started only allowing sporting events on their TV's. If there is a different game on the staff will change the channel for you. StevenDaubert is saddened by this due to the fact that he would watch the WWF at Steve's when he was young and his parents wouldn't let him watch too much TV. The TV channel limiters have been removed, and since it's under new ownership anything is possible

They once offered free wireless internet but it was unreliable. In March of 2011 they started offering free wireless internet with Instaconnect. To use it you must first create a free account with Instaconnect.

They offer a 10% AAA discount, a 10% student discount, or a 10% senior citizen discount. Their breadsticks are legendary. People stumble in and order Steve's breadsticks while sipping on their Woodstock's soda cups. —AdamAnderson

...and they have the best croutons in town! —BevSykes

If you're looking to save some bucks and still get a lot of food, try getting just the cheesy bread (with sauce). - PhilipNeustrom

If you purchase a side salad, you have only one opportunity to fill the bowl at the salad bar. To exceed the capacity of the small bowl they provide, fill the bowl, layer cucumbers on the top to form a hermetic seal, layer more food on top, and repeat. At your discretion, potato salad can be used as mortar. —CraigBrozinsky


Lunch Specials Check out website and menu for these specials

Happy Hour is BACK! Happy Hour is from 3- 6 pm, Monday thru Friday.

$1 PBR $2 Domestic Beer $2 Appetizers (4 Wings or 4 chicken fingers or 8" breadsticks)

The currently are running a frequent breadsticks card! But 6 get the 7th free and promo price breadsticks still count towards the stamps!


The original Original Steve's Pizza

As of 2008-10-03 Steve's now offers gluten-free pizza crust! On 2011-05-06 they held a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the original owners return.


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2011-09-18 19:45:27   Original Steve's is THE 1st Steves place pizza. It has been a longtime staple of the Davis community! When I was young the delivery vans had huge green phones on top. The breadsticks with extra cheese are always amazing, it's what I've gotten since I was real young. The pizza is good as well, it's not high end like VB/Symposium but it competes nicely with Woodstocks and Lampost, and is assuredly above the cheap pizza. —StevenDaubert

2011-09-18 22:34:24   While I love Steve's Place, (or Original Steve's), I am saddened that WWF is not considered a sport at Steve's Place/Original Steve's. I shall still eat at Steve's Place/Original Steve's though. —jefftolentino

2011-11-18 09:50:14   Great ingredients, great (wheat) crust, great pizza. You can tell walking in the door that the Wilkinson family really puts themselves into this place... the quality, service, and local charm have endured since their doors opened in 1978 (plus, they still have video games in the front!) It's reassuring to know that this local treasure is staying in the family, and staying in Davis for the next generation to enjoy. —OldDavis73

2011-12-08 18:02:51   Steves pizza is amazing, it is the pizza I order when I am by myself —KellenRuel

2012-01-22 10:59:55   I am a fan of this place. What I hate and I mean really can't stand is their on line menu! Does anyone else have trouble navigating it? —Sherri

I could feel how it is irksome, just fullscreen it, zoom it in, wait a few seconds for the resolution to increase, and then move the mouse up and down to navigate it

2012-03-23 20:23:04   I work downtown and I often used to get a small salad to-go on my lunch break. They have a decent salad bar, delicious croutons, and the portion was great especially for the price. It was quite economical, AND healthy (if you don't get the bacon and the ranch dressing!). However, their prices recently went up, and their to-go box sizes went down. So now I'd have to pay just under $4 for something less than half the size of what I used to get — the new small to-go box is just over a cup of salad, I'd guess. Not happening. I can get a larger and better salad from Trader Joe's for less than that, and I'm not even a Trader Joe's fan, but I'll do it. As for Steve's actual pizza, I've never been excited about it (it's all about Village Bakery, or homemade, for me), so that's not gonna draw me back either. Sorry, Steve. Oh, and adding to this disappointing experience today, the area where they keep the croutons and sunflower seeds smelled really bad!! It had the distinct odor of damp, unwashed rag, and yet the "sneeze-screen" was all dusty so I don't know where this dirty rag was used. No thanks... —gurglemeow

2013-03-20 18:40:04   I just ordered delivery here and was extremely disappointed. I've had dine-in and take out before and love their pizza and was very excited to find out they delivered. The pizza i received however, was not at all what I was expecting. It looked as though it had been sitting around for several hours. The sauce was congealing on the edges of the pizza and the cheese was basically solid. The pizza was still warm but tasted like reheated pizza. I've received delivery (form other places) that looked like it had been sitting around for a while before, but never this bad. :( —AshleyE

2013-06-20 08:18:28   Please, please, please, someone teach these employees how to wash their hands. Seriously, sooo gross. My friends like coming here for their decent happy hour deals and you wont believe how many times I see employees wash their hands...NEVER! I have seen them touch dirty tables, money, used cups, their hair and faces and more and then proceed to preparing people's food...not okay. —KelleyStevens