These are OLDER REVIEWS for Tanglewood Apartments when it was under the ownership of Sequoia. Since Summer 2015, Tanglewood is now owned by FPI Management.


2008-05-01 10:54:55   I have lived here since spring of 07, and while it maybe one of the nicer places to live, I have some major issues with this place. The appliances are extremely old, and the washers and dryers are a joke, I asked for them to check my dryer because it was taking close to three hrs for my clothes to dry. When they did they ended up removing it and cleaning out the vents which were full of lint, absolutely disgusting, that should be done when the apartment is turned over so that kind of buildup doesn't occur. This still didn't really reduce drying time but I am moving out and just gave up. And just recently I had to have my air conditioning checked, once again because the screen hadn't been changed it wasn't working, in fact it was solid black. Also my kitchen is extremely tiny, and it has hardly any storage space (actually this a problem through out the apartment), and what it does have is barely useable because of poor design, one door opens to a large cabinent which is at an angle, so if you place anything back there you would literally have to be on your knees moving out anything else in the cabinent to get at it. Furthermore, all of my closet doors continually fall off the track,'s all just such poor quality! Considering I pay 1360 a month for a one bedroom, the countertops, appliances, and carpet could all be much higher quality, I am from Southern California and rent by the beach for nicer places to live is actually cheaper for higher quality residences! However, the complex has it's upsides, the management does respond quickly and the repair men they send are always very friendly, I have never been disturbed by my neighbors,unless they are being loud outside of their apartment that is, and it allows me to have my dog. Oh and if you concerned about break ins I would recommend living in the "B" side of the complex, it is smaller and it's adjacent to another apartment complex, so no sketchy trailer park, it is also quiter, and if you want you can always rent a garage for your car, but they are pretty hard to squeeze in to, but def worth it. —sdlexie

It appears as if the two following comments were left by the same person, or at least from the same computer within moments of each other.

2008-07-12 12:37:09   DO NOT RENT IN TANGLEWOOD!!! There is a low income trailer park just on the other side of the 4 foot fence and the teens from the trailer park routinely vandalize and rob the cars at Tanglewood.

Tanglewood is the only complex in Davis that had gun crimes in the past 4 years.

Check out the statistics on the police department crime website.

The residential burglary rate at Tanglewood is 9 times that of any other complex in Davis.

A neighbors apartment was completely destroyed. They wrote "Gook" on the walls, stole anything valuable and destroyed the rest.

Another neighbor had their apartment ransacked and every single electronic item was stolen.

The apartment complex management has said "We've had no robberies in the office so the crime here doesn't affect us, we don't have to hire security or put up any lights."

When asked about any crimes the office employees have directly lied and said that there were no crimes in the last month even though THAT PARTICULAR EMPLOYEE was the one I had told about my car being broken into just days before and everything stolen.

She directly lied to a prospective tenant about the occurrence of crime at Tanglewood. .

Please just look up the actual statistics based on address on the crime stats web site that the city police department runs. Tanglewoods residential burglary rate is 9 times higher than any other complex in Davis and the automobile theft and vandalism rate is much higher.

Every single other complex in Davis is safer, just choose ANYTHING else.

If Tanglewood would just put in a higher fence, a gate, lights or foot patrol security, perhaps cameras, then this problem could be reduced, but they refuse to do anything to help the residents because the car break ins do not affect the management.

The men who do maintenance have laughed and said "Well next year an entire new crop of students will move in, they won't know about what's happening here, and then they get robbed and move out, but by then an entire new crop of ignorant sophomores are ready to move out of the dorms AND THEY WON'T KNOW ABOUT THE CRIMES HERE EITHER! They look at this place and think that it must be nice, no one sees the groups of teenagers walking through the complex on their tours.

Have you seen that anywhere else in Davis?!

If you know anyone in Tanglewood, please suggest that they get renters insurance and lower the deductible on their car so when their car gets broken into, keyed or the windows smashed that they only lose their deductible. Renters insurance may cover items in your car like backpacks etc that regular car insurance will not cover. .

An entire row of cars had their windows smashed at Tanglewood one night, management denied that it ever happened!


2008-07-12 13:02:45   There are several reasons why I advise everyone not to live there and here is my list.

1. Rent is ridiculously high and small bedrooms. The fire place is nice but a feature me and my roommates have only used once or twice since Davis is a relatively hot place. 2. The units are not that nice and the sample unit is over glamorized in comparison to how they really are. 3. Rude and cantankerous management. 4. Poorly lit walk ways that make it dangerous to walk through certain areas at night. 5. Over crowded parking lots with not enough space for all the cars. 6. Very old appliances (stove, washing machine, microwave...) 7. VERY VERY High crime rate!!! My apartment was broken into over memorial day weekend while I was in my room. They stole all the electronics, my roommates laptop, some of my clothes, and all the beer in our refrigerator!!!

Over all I would not recommend living in Tanglewood. They have unnecessary commodities like the tennis court and fire place place which are hardly ever used and unfortunately you are charged $1,500 (or more if you have a 2 bedroom apt) for these. —elimarti

2008-07-24 15:51:32   Ok, I'm really annoyed so I need to vent. Biking back from my late lunch today, I saw a Tanglewood employee removing the "wood burning fireplaces" sign they had out front, with balloons tied to it. Instead of taking the whole thing inside to deal with it, or pulling the balloons down to pop them, he cut the string right next to the sign and let both sets of balloons go. Way to not be responsible for your own trash, and send your litter off in the sky to show up somewhere else for someone else to deal with. He had a knife to cut the string, it's not that hard to pop a couple balloons to throw them away! —JenniferKucich

2008-08-04 10:02:51   I advise any college student not to rent at Tanglewood, and don't worry, I have many reasons.

1. The appliances are old and crappy, they break, and you get money taken out of your deposit for stuff that should've been replaced prior to moving in. 2. The AC barely works, so prepare to take on the heat. When we asked Tanglewood if they could fix it, they said they'd have to replace some filter, and never did it. 3. They do groundskeeping work at 9-10 in the morning on weekdays. Maybe I'm just a late sleeper, but I hate to be woken up before 11-12 on days when I don't have morning class. However, they rev their yard trimmers and chain saws, and it's extremely loud. 4. They decided to cut down trees and throw them into wood chippers all day every day during finals week. Really? Are they just flat out stupid? Not only that, they let the people cutting down the trees use my reserved parking spot, so I had to park a quarter-mile away. 5. Management basically accused me of stealing a package that I had not received— it came a month later. Granted, it was USPS's fault, but still I pay them— don't accuse me of mail fraud. 6. The apartments are far overpriced for what they give— our towel rack constantly falls down, our dishwasher is broken (the guy said he'd come back to fix it once he found the problem, but he never did), and the service is just downright horrible. 7. Chances are management is talking behind your back about what a pain you are— when I was in the front office, that's exactly what they were doing. Unprofessional in my opinion, but hey, what do I know, I'm just the customer. 8. You step on dog poop pretty much once a month because nobody picks up after their pets, and neither does Tanglewood. 9. My car has been vandalized 3-4 times, and it's a 94 Toyota Camry. Imagine what they'll do to your car (and Tanglewood doesn't care, and security is useless). They ripped off my antenna, stole my hood ornament (and the one on the trunk too), keyed my car, and my roommate had his car broken into.

So yeah, just don't live here, it's a terrible, terrible place, and that's why I can't wait to move out. In fact, if I could've secured a place sooner, I would've already left. —TimJ

2008-08-04 15:42:46   I've lived here in Tanglewood from Sept 2007 to Sept 2008. Before moving in, I saw all of the negative reviews this place got so I opted to ask the management if I could live in the B-units, the ones across Drew at 2020 Cowell. Compared to what I've read on here, it seems like there is less on the B-side, but there is still some that I've experienced. One for example was my car being burned down! For a long time I thought something electrical had shorted out in my car, but a detective from the Davis PD called me and told me someone had done it and they had some suspects that live nearby that have been "causing heck", as said by the detective, in the area! I also had a bike stolen that was locked up in front of my apartment. If you live here, I would definitely recommend bringing your bike inside at night or buying a thick solid U-lock.

The apartments themselves are pretty nice, I really liked having a washer and dryer inside the apartment. The apartment is pretty spacious, the rooms are pretty big in the 2 bedroom apartments, and I haven't had a problem with mold. However, some of the appliances are outdated. The washer and dryer seem a little older, and at one point my dryer stopped working because there was so much lint built up in it, meaning it wasn't properly cleaned between tenants. The A/C units aren't the greatest. I called maintenance about it a few times and after the 5th time or so, it was finally somewhat fixed. I keep the thermostat at about 74, and sometimes it will still run all day and night. Therefore, my electric bills are usually around $120 a month! The apartment may not be well insulated or the A/C may not be able to handle the heat. The refrigerator has had a leak the entire time I've lived here, so I have to keep a tupperware thing in the back of the fridge to catch all the water so it doesn't build up in the bottom.

Maintenance can take a while to do things, but usually they'll come by the next day or two after putting in the request. When I moved in, my microwave handle was broken off, and I told them immediately. They came by a month later and said they would have to order the part. I put in the same request a couple more times, and it was finally fixed in July, so it took them about 10 months for that. But other times the maintenance would be out right away, when the dryer went out they fixed it almost immediately. So maintenance overall can be kinda questionable, but if you hound them it will get done.

But not all was negative here, it's right off the bike loop which takes you right to campus and downtown. Having Safeway right across the street was really nice too. The B-units were really quiet, I was never really bothered by any noise. The pool and hot tub are never full in the B-Units, and they are usually kept up pretty well. The office ladies are pretty nice, there was a newer lady who is the manager now, I think her name might be Michelle, she is the blond one. But when I told her about my maintenance woes with the microwave, my A/C, and my refrigerator leaking, she got maintenance there the next day and everything was fixed. She seems like the one to go to to get things done.

Overall, this place has been ok, but there is definitely better in Davis. If you do live here, try and get the B-Units, they seem like they are much better than the main side. I'd live here again if I had to, I wouldn't be uncomfortable doing so, but there is definitely a better cheaper place in Davis then Tanglewood. —jonnybsay

2008-08-22 15:57:12   I lived here 2007-2008. Right now, they're trying to sucker us out of our deposit. They say since we've only lived there one year, they will only be giving us 25% of it back. THIS IS ILLEGAL. To anyone who lives/will live here: fight this. They are not allowed to deduct from a deposit for any reason other than repairs/cleaning.

Other than this, there weren't any significant problems. We had no problems with crime, but we did live on the second floor. Rent was pretty high though, and the appliances are ancient. Our entire apartment shook anytime we used the washer and the microwave only worked if you punched it after entering the time. Also, there is practically no ventilation in the bathroom. Even when we left the window open during showers(which was freezing in the wintertime), the whole bathroom would steam up. —MegD

2008-08-22 17:52:46   If after reading all these reviews, you still decide to live in Tanglewood, you should take several precautions:

1. Pay for an indoor garage spot. My roommate had his car broken into via smashed window. 2. Keep bike indoors. I had my bike stolen. Instead of cutting through the U-lock, they cut through the bike rack bar, which was probably easier. 3. Expect bad management and to have to fight for deposit, etc. a. The entire complex had its water shut off for 16 hours once. We got really short notice on the very morning they did it. They were 4 hours late when they finally got it back on @ 1:30am. I almost had to sleep in sweat & dirt from playing an IM game earlier that night. b. Our A/C unit is indoors and all A/C units collect condensation. This type of unit was designed to have the condensation flow into a drain. Ours flows onto the floor and seeps into the carpet. c. Our really old washer broke, my roommate complained about it to management, they did nothing about it until it finally flooded the carpet. We now have a nice new washer and a nice mildewy carpet. d. They carry false advertising that says "Voted Best Place To Live In Davis". Well, might not be false, might be voted by the management and owners. 4. Get a 2nd floor apt only. My classmate had his apartment broken into. They busted open the front door. All his valuables inside were taken. 5. Get renter's insurance. See #4 above. 6. Have plenty of free time to deal with # 1-5. And hope that none of this stuff happens around your midterms or finals. —HandsomeRob

2008-08-23 16:28:42   I posted an earlier post with many warnings about Tanglewood, but I think I'd add on since I'm pretty much moved out of here.

1) Don't expect your deposit back— you're going to have to fight like hell to get it back. 2) Only one cable outlet in our apartment works, and Tanglewood basically told us to figure it out ourselves, then they told us it was Comcast's fault, but a Comcast technician (who I trust a whole bunch more than Tanglewood), told me that Tanglewood was actually screwing us out of cable. 3) Expect management at least an hour late from their lunch break (it's happened every time I was there). 4) Expect management to be rude, incompetent, unprofessional, and demeaning. 5) Maintenance is slow, but maintenance staff is EXTREMELY nice and professional.

Don't live here— seriously. —TimJ

I recently moved out of tanglewood apartments, and despite having my bike stolen, which is beyond their responsibility, I had a very pleasant experience, Michelle, Denise and Lyn, all have become so much more professional and friendly. The experience really does matter here, if you make a complaint they are quick to help you and make you happy. I recommend living here. —doggydd

2009-03-06 15:02:19   A few of our residents have recently expressed concern about the nature of some of the comments posted about Tanglewood on the Davis Wiki; specifically addressing the comment claiming that Tanglewood has nine times the crime rate of any other apartment complex in Davis and that Tanglewood is the only apartment complex in Davis that has had a gun crime within the last four years.

We as management wanted to reach out and express that we do take crime seriously at Tanglewood. Although we can not guarantee that we can prevent crime, we do take several precautions to eliminate it to the best of our ability, including: nightly Courtesy Patrol, ample exterior lighting, and email reminders to lock your windows before leaving for long periods of time (i.e. spring and winter break) as well as emailing and/or posting of crime alerts from the Davis Police Department.

The truth is, crime is not any more prevalent at Tanglewood than it is anywhere else in Davis. We invite you to visit the Davis Crime Map and encourage you run crime reports for random areas in Davis to see for yourself:

*If you view the “map” section of the website and zoom in, you can see that many of the crimes related to Tanglewood are not actually at Tanglewood, but at a surrounding property/business.

Please feel free to contact us for any other information regarding this topic. We hope this helps. —TanglewoodManagement

2009-04-02 23:46:20   I've been living at Tanglewood for the past year. I suppose, to be specific, I live in the B units. Honestly, by far, Tanglewood is such a luxurious and nice apartment complex. I love their floorplans. The rooms are huge I just love all the space you get all around. I never had a noise problem while here. Never. Even once, when my neighbor was throwing a party, while I was walking back to my apartment, still outside, I heard so much noise coming from them. However, as soon as I walked inside my apartment and shut the door, it was perfectly silent. Amazing really.

The pool and spa, from what I can see, is always kept clean. I think their offices and computer labs are terrific as well.

Now, onto the management. Yes, Denise and Michelle are the nicest pair ever. I come by every now and then for the free cookies and treats.

I don't understand these other comments claiming tanglewood management to be mean, rude, or demeaning. They are all so incredibly helpful. I would come into their office or give them a call, and always, for each time, I would get immediate responses and results. Always to my satisfaction. Truly.

I honestly think Tanglewood is really just great overall. —ylime

2009-04-06 21:28:06   I have lived here since the end of 2008 and I really do enjoy this place. I am staying here for another year!! There were problems that occur within the apartment but that was right when we moved in. I notified Denise and they fixed everything. It took them a few days longer but there are other residents other than me and my roommates so I could understand that they can't fix everything when I want them to. People aren't perfect and that also goes for all the gadgets in the apartment. Just tell the office and be patient with the staff. Keep reminding them about it and it will get done. They are really busy in the office, especially around this time when people are moving out or re-leasing their apartments. Tanglewood has the most amazing staff members. When I got sick, they would send over some chicken noodle soup for me. If it was my birthday or my roomates' birthdays, we would receive birthday cards, and on holidays or special occasions, Tanglewood would have a party down in the office for all the residents. These people are truly amazing. When there are anything going on in or around the apartments, Tanglewood would notify us and apologize for any inconvenience. They show us that they care for us and I think that's wonderful.

Before I moved in, I did hear about the high crime rates and such, but since I've been here, my experience has been pleasant. Not only are the staff great but my neighbors are all very friendly and I've made some friends here as well. They are really considerate people. If I need something, I can knock on my neighbors door and they are really nice about helping me out or if I had a party at my apartment, I would tell my neighbors about it and they were really cool with it. I really don't understand some of the negative reviews because my experience here has been good. :) —lori888

2009-04-13 12:57:01   I have lived at Tanglewood for 4 years now and have enjoyed a very good experience at Tanglewood since I have lived here. I will most likely not be returning to here for outside reasons, nothing to do with the complex. Since I have lived here service from both the office staff and maintenance have been both efficient and courteous. I lived in an upstairs three bedroom apartment and really like the setup compared to others I have seen. The bedrooms are all spacious, two of are rooms have walk in closets. The living and dining area are very useful and easily able to support having many people over to hang out. I will say the kitchen in the three bedroom is a bit smaller than the 1 and 2 bedrooms but still very nicely setup for cooking, etc... As for the amenities I have never really used the tennis or basketball courts but I have taken full use of the hot tub, pool and sauna of which they do have 2 pools and hot tubs. Also the property is very nicely located. Safeway, Rite Aid, Applebees, and other stores are within a minute or two and downtown is a few minute drive or about 10 minute walk which is great if you go downtown and no one wants to drive. Now I feel I need to address some of the comments made below. First as for the crime I have heard about some of the break ins and the Management is fully aware that they happen and also sends out notices from PD that the information is publicly available and lists simple ways to protect your apartment. One of the biggest problems is that people leave there sliding patio doors unlocked. As of more recent I have not heard of any break ins. Next for the water "unexpectedly" being turned off, the water main that brings water to the complex broke one night/morning and they had to shut it off right away and work with the city to repair the problem. A major water main is not a simple 10 min fix, it will take many hours to have back up and running. To give proper notice and wait to shut off the water would been ridiculous. It sucked to not have water but what else can you do. Now for security deposits concerns, they handle the security deposit like any other complex in davis. I have worked for a complex before and understand how the process works. The longer you live at any complex the less money they will take out because they will not have had to clean your apartment for that long. The best advice I can give anyone is this: When it comes to cleaning before move out dont worry about the carpets and walls, as long as there is no major damage to either, just normal wear and tear. No matter what complexes are going to charge a precentage for painting and a percentage for carpet cleaning, unless your place is returned in the "exact" same condition you got it in. The biggest area where people lose money is the cleaning. The places to clean are the kitchen (oven especially), all appliances, and the bathrooms, especially the sinks and tubs. Another thing I have noticed about comments are that some things seem a little old. This is apartment living, as long as the appliances function properly they do not need to be replaced. I have even heard people complain because the appliances are not brand new. Apartments would not financially survive if they had to replace appliances every year. I have also had a garage which has been very nice but my roommates do not and they have no complaints about car problems or break ins. Again Tanglewood has been a great complex for me and everyone I know that has lived there. Its a little more expensive but thats location. Yeah you can live cheaper on the east side of davis 5 miles from campus but thats the difference. I highly recommend Tanglewood as a place to live. —Matt.08

2009-05-05 15:37:54   I have lived at Tanglewood for two years now, and for the past two years I have been hearing about the negative comments and crime reports about Tanglewood on Wiki. I finally decided to check on these comments, and I have to say that they puzzle me, because I have never experienced any of the things they complain about. The management has always been friendly and responsive, and my service requests are always taken care of promptly, usually the same day. The maintenance people are very friendly, and I have yet to have a problem they haven't been able to fix. I have had problems with broken appliances, but if the repair doesn't fix it they don't hesitate to order a new appliance. I have had two major problems while I was living here. The first time, the water heater in the apartment above mine broke. I noticed when the water started soaking my carpet in the hallway from underneath the building. I went to the management, and one of the people immediately went back with me to the apartment to look at it. When she saw what the problem was, she called the staff and had the water leakage stopped right away (I saw the maintenance crew still working on replacing the heater later that evening, long after they should have gone home). She also had a carpet cleaner come by my apartment that evening, again after normal business hours, and he sucked the water out of the carpet and gave a carpet cleaning to the entire hallway. He left blowers in the apartment overnight to help it dry out faster, and 24 hours after I had reported the problem it was as if it had never happened. The second problem was that my fridge wasn't able to keep things cold during the summer. I struggled with it my first summer, and there were multiple attempts to fix it. When it happened again this year, I told management that the repairs hadn't worked, and not only did they promptly buy me a brand new fridge (and give me a temporary one to fill in for the two days it took to arrive), they also gave me a generous check to cover the expenses for the food I had had to throw away. All in all, I have been very happy with the management, and the maintenance. The maintenance has also checked my A/C filter several times while they were over for a different reason, without my asking them, and replaced it if they saw that it was dirty.

As far as the apartment itself, I live in a two-bedroom. It is very spacious, and I consider it to be good quality. The kitchen is one of the largest I have seen for Davis apartments. I am a cooking fan, and I have a number of pots and gadgets and kitchen accessories. I am able to fit all of these in the cabinets, and I still have some room to spare. One of the reasons I chose Tanglewood was because they had such a nice kitchen.

To those concerned about the adjacent trailer park, I had a couple of friends who moved there, and they lived there for several years. When I asked, they told me that their neighbors were all friendly people, mostly families, and they weren't aware of anyone in the trailer park that they needed to keep an eye on. They also experienced no crime to either their trailer home or their car while they lived there, nor did they hear of anyone else having any problems of that nature. There is also a wall running the length of the two properties.

The complaints about high crime in Tanglewood are the ones that puzzle me the most. I live in a first-story apartment facing Cowell, one of the main streets in Davis. I also park very close to the driveway Tanglewood shares with the trailer park. As such, I imagine that either my apartment or my car would be prime targets for vandalism or theft. However, I have never experienced any type of crime during the two years I've lived here, nor have I heard of anyone else having their cars or homes broken into. When I first heard that there was a crime problem here, before I moved in, I called the Davis Police Department to ask about it. They assured me that there was no area of Davis that had more crime than another, and that the majority of crime in Davis was property theft rather than break-ins or vandalism. They told me that as long as I locked my door and windows, and didn't leave anything in my car that would be worth stealing, that I should not have a problem (my roommate for this year also called and confirmed with them before she moved in; if someone else wishes to do so, their number is (530) 747-5400). I would also like to add that Davis is a low-crime area to begin with, so even when such incidents do happen in Davis, they are rare. I am sometimes out very late at night, and I have never encountered anyone suspicious or dangerous-looking.

Lastly, I would like to remind anyone reading this that people are far more likely to write about negative experiences than they are to write about good ones; for every negative comment you read, there are likely five other people who would have a positive comment if asked. I hope this helps anyone trying to decide whether to live at Tanglewood in the future.


2009-12-09 11:34:11   Disclaimer: be cautious when considering the last several comments— they were all left within a short period of time by first-time users, and seem unnaturally well-informed of Tanglewood's policies/statistics. —TimJ

  • You're right. Those comments seem *incredibly* suspicious. It's obvious to me, at least, that those similar-sounding commenters are no ordinary "tenants". —EdwardNiemand

2010-02-07 03:24:41   What about the crime in Tanglewood recently? —snsdgee

2010-02-16 02:15:25

I'm looking for sublease for summer 2010 for TANGLEWOOD APT!!!!!!! My apt is near the safeway, riteaid and also M,W bus line stop in front of our house. The apt has pool, health club and you can use free print room! It's very calm, clean and my room and bathroom are spacious! Actually it's price is $900, but I'll offer you $700 You can also have your OWN bathroom. It's HUGE!

If YOU have any question, e-mail me:) [email protected]

******* IT's BIG room, so you can share it with your friends. I am actually shareing the room with friends! —call88kim

2010-04-03 15:37:14   I love Tanglewood!! I have renewed my lease because the property is huge, convenient to the W and M bus line, safeway is a block away, downtown is a minute away, and the apartment itself is spacious and nice. Maintenance is prompt and management is nice especially Mary and Denise. Parking has never been an issue to me. I have not experienced any crime here or seen any. The pool is huge and there is a spa and sauna. There are a bunch of trees here, but no issue with sunlight because I get plenty of it through my bedroom. They do allow pets! So you will see some cute dogs and cats. I honestly never really experienced anything horrible and was actually scared and unsure whether I should rent an apt here because of the negative comments I saw on the wiki page, but I'm glad that I still signed the lease and am very satisfied living here. —RebeccaCho

2010-06-17 11:21:58

I lived in tanglewood from 2009-2010.

My car was broken into and they wouldn't move my parking spot. My bedroom sounded like a freeway and I often had to sleep on the couch to avoid the loud noise of traffic. Way overpriced compared to other, nicer apartments in davis. When we moved out they took about 300 pictures of every little mark in the apartment and charged us double our deposit to repaint the walls... You make the call.


2010-07-11 17:11:57   Living here has been an uphill battle since day one. I have had so many problems with the apartment and management being rude and extremely unhelpful that I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Some problems I ran into within the first couple months were:

1) The apartment wasn't cleaned when we moved in, I mean, it was absolutely DISGUSTING. Huge stains on the carpet and the walls had clearly visible patches of different colored white paint all throughout the apartment. 2) The disposal broke on day two and it took them three times to fix the thing before finally replacing the whole unit after blaming us for putting food down it. Apparently Tanglewood disposals aren't food friendly. 3) Had to ask twice for them to replace a loose faucet that was barely hanging on to the sink. 4) There was and still is mold on the shower rim. 5) The appliances seem to be older than I am and there is a broken oven seal that they never replaced. We also asked for a knob since one of our knobs on the oven is loose but they couldn't find a replacement and are too cheap to buy one. 6) Bathroom toilet would fill and run for 20 minutes after flushing and it took the management several times to fix it.

An example of Tanglewood service, when they lowered the rent they didn't even offer the lower price to current residents. Had to find out from looking online. The only saving grace for the service of this place is that the maintenance guys are super chill, nice and actually competent. Their bosses are the real idiots that are cheap as hell and won't ever want to do anything for the residents that makes more work for them. Denise is the ONLY exception to the office staff. She's great, everyone else sucks and is super rude.

The only benefit of living here was being close to the freeway, bike trail and bus stops...still not worth the amount of rent. If you're looking for a place to live in Davis don't look here. —ucdchamp

2010-07-21 00:55:02   I'm not sure if Tanglewood is the best complex in Davis, only because I haven't lived anywhere else. If I had to guess, though, I would put it near the top. On the plus side: very clean, quiet, fantastic amenities, super-friendly staff, great lap pool, washer/dryer in unit, close proximity to UCD bike path/bus lines/fwy/grocery, safe, responsible neighbors, huge modern kitchen, huge bathroom, vaulted ceiling (we live in an upstairs corner unit), very pet friendly, basketball/tennis/pool/gym, good paint, tons of windows (we love light). Negatives: expensive, traffic noise from Cowell.

In three years, we have not experienced one single incident involving safety, break-ins, car issues, GUNS?, or anything. My wife and I park my bike here every day, going on 1000 days — no issues. I did have my back wheel stolen once, but that was while it was parked at the movies. My car has never had an issue, but then again, I don't leave my iPod or backpack sitting in plain view . This place has completely exceeded our expectations. We've had visitors who were literally shocked at how nice the place is.

I remember having an issues with the kitchen sink once. Our maintenance guy was here fixing it the SAME DAY. A few weeks ago we had family here visiting for graduation. Pops got in and clogged the toilet. That was a first. We found the maintenance guy who helped us and gave us a free plunger. That was unnecessary, obviously, but he was just incredibly friendly (Jeremy E.)

I remember reading the wiki three and a half years ago, worried about what we we getting ourselves into. Before deciding, we stopped by and checked it out ourselves. We asked a couple of residents what they thought. As it turns out, we chose correctly. —willwallace

2010-09-01 14:08:32   I'm going to start off with the fact that I completely agree with ucdchamp except for the Denise part, she's a complete airhead. Many of their policies are pretty ridiculous. The immediate one that comes to mind is the one where the rent must be paid no longer than two days after the 1st, otherwise it's a complete unnecessary $50 fine. No apartment I have ever lived in has such a policy. I get my rent in on time but there was the occasional mishap during the school year where I'd be a day late in rent and it would be a $50 dollar charge.

I don't know how Denise is the apartment manager, Michelle was actually a good manager that was respectful and easy to approach, not to mention she wasn't a complete idiot like Denise.

Another thing, I'm sick and tired of these random drop-ins in my apartment by the staff. I would always ask them what's going on and they would reply that a flier was posted on my door about inspection "x". Complete BS. This has happened at least three times this past year and I've never found an effing flier on my door.

Also, the appliances are REALLY old and for the most part, really shitty. With that said, I complained many times about some of my appliances including my stove and fridge. When I complained and asked for someone to fix the problems, no one ever came. It was usually always by the second or third complaint where someone would finally come by and "attempt" to fix the problem, then the staff would not be heard from again. Finally, I called the main office and said I was sick and tired of this BS, I pay a lot of money to live here and I get shit service. After having made that completely ridiculous phone call I have had no trouble getting service when needed.

Based on what I've read and what I've talked about with my neighbors and other people living in Tanglewood it seems as though they mainly cater to the residents who aren't students. Basically, they kiss the families' asses that live here but don't really care about the college students since they think that they are just going to destroy the apartment anyway.

The rent is completely overpriced for what you get. I would be much happier living in The Colleges, Avalon, Sorrento, or Allegre to name a few, so if you had the option just live there.

Did I mention that the staff loves taking 2-3 hours breaks/lunches? It's awesome if you need to reach them since it seems like they're never there. —escapebiz

2010-09-01 16:57:21   I been living there for 3 years until this year im moving out of there. There management is the worst quality they are rude and they talk back to you and treat you like your a dumb college student when half of them working in the office didn't even go to college and they are trying to be better than us. Tanglewood management team you need to hire someone to teach you how to treat people right but I guess you guys are to cheap to pay for that. I liked living there until the last day you ruined my experience living there forever. At the end of my lease the inspection they will try to do anything to get your deposit and steal and lie to you. Stay away from them I don't want anyone else to have the same bad experience as I did. —dirtbag666

2011-02-07 13:35:49   Seeing as it is the start of the leasing season and I'm sure many of you will be considering Tanglewood, as a current resident I thought I'd list the pros and cons of this complex in an itemized fashion:

Apartment turnover: Our experience moving in to Tanglewood was far from pleasant. We were not able to move in as early in the day as they had previously told us, presumably because they were still cleaning the unit. However, when they finally gave us the keys, it was obvious they hadn't finished the job. There were huge clumps of dirt on the kitchen floor, scuffs all over the walls, electrical plates MISSING from the walls (which is dangerous! luckily we had no pets/small children), and worst of all, SMASHED MOSQUITOES on the walls, ceiling, and blinds. Fuming, I went to the rental office and voiced my concerns. They took my complaint seriously and immediately contacted maintenance. A few hours later, the electrical outlets were covered, and the walls were painted (sort of), but they were kind enough to leave the smashed insects for me to deal with. (Later on, I even noticed that on some walls, smashed mosquitoes had been simply painted over— so gross!) For how high the rent is here, I was really hoping for a quality cleaning job. No such luck.

Insects: After we moved in, we had only a few minor problems, until a few weeks later... when the mosquitoes arrived. Ohhh boy. We NEVER opened our windows/door, but every day I would come home from work and find 10-12 mosquitoes all over the walls. I killed as many as I could, but we still got bites, especially in our sleep. Once again, I talked to the management. They said that they "could" call their pest control guy "if I wanted", but it wouldn't really do much because it only kills the ones in the air. Instead they asked if there was any standing water around my apartment (which I thought was strange; wouldn't the maintenance guys who drive around on their golf carts ALL DAY notice the huge puddles of nasty green water everywhere?) I told them YES, it's all over, but they did absolutely NOTHING to fix it, even though they admitted that they had received many complaints about the mosquitoes.

Proximity to campus: Tanglewood is very close to campus, definitely less than a mile. However, if you want to bike, you either have to take the winding, roundabout bike path (where you will encounter many homeless people), or the very busy/treacherous Cowell, with cars entering/exiting the freeway.

Unitrans: Tanglewood is on the W, M, and T lines. Annoyingly, the buses are often so full by the time they get to the inbound stop (Cowell and Research Park), that they do not stop to let you on (the W line is the worst). This has happened to me several times. Your other options are to take the outbound stop and ride the W all around (if you don't mind a 20 minute bus ride), or walk down Cowell to the Valdora stop. The M line is slightly better, but you will never get a seat.

After summer ended, I have to say, the insect problem has gotten a lot better. Just the usual Davis critters, and a lot fewer than I've had at previous complexes. And luckily, I've never seen a sign of any cockroaches (a common problem in Davis) at Tanglewood. Also, after talking to people who live on the second story, it seems that the mosquito problem is much worse on the first floor, so be sure to take that into consideration.

Appliances: The appliances here are quite a bit nicer and newer than I've had at other places in Davis. Having a washer/dryer in unit is fabulous, and even though we've had a couple maintenance issues with them, our problems have been addressed pretty quickly. Often, even if you complain about a minor problem, rather than fix it, they will simply swap the appliance out with a brand new one! The kitchen has a great gas stove and built-in microwave, and a relatively new dishwasher.

Pets: Tanglewood has one of the more expensive pet policies I've encountered in Davis. The most recent time that I asked (and it seems to depend on who you ask), the deposit is $400, plus you have to pay monthly pet rent ($25/month/pet), which I personally think is absurd.

Noise: One of my favorite things about this complex is how relatively quiet it is. During the summer, parties are somewhat common, but the double-paned windows help with this a lot. Other than that, pretty much the only noise I ever hear is road noise from Cowell. But NOTE: Tanglewood is on the drunken stumbling-route home from downtown for a lot of people. If you live in a unit that's right on Cowell, prepare to have drunk people walking by your window most Thursday-Saturday nights. I only mention this because one time, a really drunk person got confused and tried to enter our apartment at 2 AM, which was pretty frightening. So be warned.

Crime: I was pretty nervous moving into this complex because of all of the comments warning that the crime rate is "9 times higher than the rest of Davis". It's true that the complex borders a trailer park, but I have had no issues with crime so far. Just be careful about locking your car, and don't keep anything valuable in it. I have an expensive bike, so I keep it inside my apartment. Keep all the windows and sliding door locked when you're not home, and you shouldn't have any issues. These are all good practices no matter where you live in Davis.

Parking: Parking was never an issue for me, because my roommate didn't have a car. (2 bedroom apartments only get 1 assigned covered spot). However, there always seemed to be plenty of open unassigned parking spaces, in addition to parking available on Cowell. You can rent a garage, but I really don't think it's worth the $50/month.

Miscellaneous: The complex requires residents to purchase renters' insurance, so be sure to add that to your calculation of expenses. If you really hate fast food, you may want to request a unit in the back of the complex, because the air always seems to smell like french fries from all the fast food restaurants on Cowell.

That is all I can think of for now. Overall, this has been a fairly decent place to live, but I will be moving in September because I don't think it's worth the money. They were going to raise our rent by $50 if we decided to renew our lease in December. Every additional month we didn't renew, they raised it another $50. Pretty ridiculous, seeing as it's already one of the more expensive complexes in Davis. I would say Tanglewood is a good choice for you if you think it's worth paying quite a bit extra to live close to campus/downtown. Otherwise, save money and live somewhere else. —ElaineK

2011-05-17 11:22:54   So, I need to complain about tanglewood because management seems to be doing nothing about this problem and I want to know what other people are doing about this situation. At tanglewood there are assigned parking spots and it seems like every time I am not in my spot someone decides to park there and disrupt my whole day. First of all you have to wait until the tow truck gets there and that takes about half an hour to an hour so if you have a busy schedule like me, you are fucked. Secondly, as soon as the tow truck does actually get there some idiot comes runing out and picks a fight with you for towing their car. Even though they are parked in your spot. Thirdly you go into the office and the girls in there say there is nothing they can do to help you, it's basically your own problem and they could care less. I have lived in alot of places over the last five years and this is the only place I have lived in where they don't help you out or attempt to fix a simple problem. I strongly advise people not live here, especially if you don't want to come home from a late night of work and have someone parked in your spot and than have to walk from a far distance to your apartment in the late night where the street lights are not even bright. I'm really dissapointed in this place and wish that they would care more for their residence. Free cookies and cupcakes every month do not make up for what occurs on a daily basis. If anyone else has a problem with this issue please post something because I am getting seriously fed up with this crap. —katielestrange

You should look over your lease and see what it says about parking and parking enforcement. The one apartment complex I lived at that occasionally had parking problems took it very seriously when female residents had to park a significant distance away and walk through a poorly lit area. I'd suggest one or more of the following: 1) get in touch with Sequoia Estates—chances are the on-site manager has a boss who would be very interested in the fact that parking conditions are creating a potentially unsafe situation for residents; 2) inform both the on-site management and Sequoia Estates of the problem in writing via a formal letter, laying out your concerns. Keep a record of it; and 3) if they don't resolve the issue to your satisfaction, contact theconflict resolution service offered by the City. Getting a third party involved might help. Other third party options might include local media sources such as the Aggie or the Enterprise, who might be interested in doing an article on apartment complexes that don't take appropriate care of their residents despite the recent serious sex crimes in town. —TomGarberson

2011-06-03 14:45:13   Hi Davis Wikians…

Thank you for taking the time to log-on and tell us about your overall impression of Tanglewood Condominiums. We are sorry to hear about your parking experience, and we regret you were not satisfied with the level of communication with regard to our parking regulations. We appreciate comments from our residents as it is a way to help us improve our communication efforts and ensure everyone’s experience at our community is a positive one. We would love to speak with you again, in person, to clear any uncertainties. Please contact me directly at [email protected]. Alternatively you could call or come into the office seven days a week.

Cheers! —LynnWillis

2011-06-22 11:06:27   I lived in Tanglewood for three years and I have to say that it was a pretty crappy experience. I would have moved, but my roommates didn't want to deal with finding another place. BUT I regret not moving and being swindled out of so much money. They charge more than the apartments are worth and there are tons of break-ins all the time because they share a fence with a trailer park. My car was broken into, vandalized on the inside, and also stole several insignificant items like a pair of jeans and jumper cables. So beware if you park overnight and remove ALL things from sight, even if you don't think they're worth anything. The management was extremely rude and the appliances are old pieces of junk. Our dishwasher barely washed our dishes and would just spew out the dishwashing liquid and you could see all the nasty residue on our dishes. There are several areas of the parking lot that are poorly light and I would sprint from my car to my apartment because I felt so unsafe. The only good thing about our apartment was that the pool/spa was right outside and the spa was always warm even in the dead of winter. —SFNative2006

2011-08-12 15:09:55   My roommates and I have had a great experience living at Tanglewood for the past year. The apartments are very spacious and very well lit with beautiful windows. You're surrounded with trees. The pool is not deep but it's very well kept. Maintenance is very responsive and management have been kind. It's a clean, beautiful, and luxurious place, and the bus stops are very convenient as well. And our appliances have worked fine, never had a problem. Washer and dryer inside the apartment is super convenient. Overall good experience. —NickName717

2011-08-16 23:49:34   Very dramatic comments, but all very understandable. Next year will be my 3rd year living here, and I must say, I love it here. In comparison to other apartments complexes, this place is in mint condition. The repairmen work really hard at their job and they are respectful, not to mention I have never had a problem getting something fixed or replaced. Bad experiences happen wherever you go, but what people don't seem to realize is that it is a very tough job running and keeping up a place like Tanglewood and satisfy EVERYBODYS needs. Sure I have had disappointments here and there, but nothing to be dramatic over. The units have their own washing and drying machines, in Davis that is a must since it rains here 7 out of the 12 months a year! The pool and is fantastic and kept at a great temperature and is extremely clean for a rental place. The management is extremely friendly and do all they can to help out all their residents'. Sure it is expensive, but you have a fireplace in every unit, air conditioning and heater, washer/dryer machine, dishwasher, microwave and a porch. The rooms are a GREAT size in comparrison to the Lexington, their prices are a joke for the size of their apartments. Tanglewood also has a great location, although it is not right in downtown, it is literally a 10 mins walk to downtown. There is an excellent plaza 1 min. away and there are bus stops everywhere. Parking is not terrible, just a little questionable when it rains, but that is at ANY rental place you will find. They have garages which is something a lot of places in davis do not even offer. Plus every couple of months of so they have a social event in their office and give away a buffet of free food to all that come! This environment is extremely friendly and they are improving the environment everyday. I don't know why people would not want to live here if they could afford it. I feel like my apartment is my home, and people who come over to see my apartment are EXTREMELY impressed by the "warm fuzzy feeling" they get when entering into my apartment. Overall, if you can afford to live here, I would say its worth considering. —Shelle

2011-01-06 11:34:11   Disclaimer: be cautious when considering the above comment. There seems to be a strange trend on this page of first-time users posting enthusiastic reviews for Tanglewood that are unusually well-informed of Tanglewood's policies/statistics. —TimJ

2011-11-13 17:26:10   I am a graduate student and I lived here for several years and was a good tenant. However, if I had it to do over, I absolutely would NOT live here again. The appliances were of poor quality and were unreliable and management was slow to address or repair them, if they ever did. For instance, a persistently leaky dishwasher led to significant damage of the kitchen floor which I was then billed for on move out. The rent is far too high for the quality of the property and the level of tenant service. The worst part is that on move out, the deposit situation was deliberate robbery. Not only did they not give me any deposit back, they had the audacity to demand more money to cover things that, as mentioned above, were either present at move in or resulted from their substandard appliances and fixtures. My overall experience with this property is that the business is absolutely a racket aimed at making as much money as possible off of students. I absolutely DO NOT recommend this complex and I strongly advise perspective renters to look elsewhere. —BunnyHop

2011-11-17 16:09:15   Looking for someone to take over my lease for a one-bedroom starting January 2011. Perfect for a transfer student! If you call the office, they don't have any one bedrooms left. TAKE MINE!!! I'll give you a great deal. I've lived here for 3 years and I've been pretty happy with living here. No complaints. My apartment is right across the street from the bus stop which takes you to campus on 2 different bus lines, there's a bike path that will take you to campus in 10 minutes or less, and there's tons of places to get food, including Safeway, within walking distance. The office has events on holidays like Thanksgiving, where they give out delicious food and drinks for free, as well as some random days where they have bbqs. if anyone is interested please email me : [email protected] or call: 4086448305 —brezai

2012-01-21 13:22:40   Tanglewood is the WORST apartment complex to live at in ALL Davis, and Sequoia Equities is the worst property firm in ALL of California. These people do not care about their tenants at all. It is all corporate and none of the quality of living that they advertise and promise, FAR from it! The management at Tanglewood is extremely bad. The manager Jessica and her assistants know nothing about tenant rights and have no people skills whatsoever! Starting from day one you will have a horrible experience. They will delay as much as possible to provide you with just ONE copy of your lease! You have to keep asking for it for 3 months straight before they give you an INCOMPLETE copy of your lease! The apartment itself is a joke. It is so old and grimy, there is mold everywhere in the bathrooms, none of the appliances work, especially the dishwasher and the washer/dry leave your clothes in worse condition than when you first put them in. But worse than all this is the apartment managements lack to do ANYTHING at all about anything! The smallest noise outside, like a cat bell, can be heard from an upstairs apt. There is always noise in the early morning and afternoon from traffic and leaf blowers. But more than anything if you are having roommate issues, where you have called the police multiple times because your 27 year-old psycho roommate steals from you, harasses and threatens you, all the while hiding their mental and physiological disorders, and finally bringing their mother to harass you further at 3 am effects no response from the management at all to try to find a better resolution, like moving into a smaller apt on site that wud be safer and affordable, no they simply reiterate that its your problem they dont give a shit and just want their money. These people will not work with you they will just steal ALL your deposit when they finally find someone else to rent your apt to, ALL your deposit when you've only lived there 3 months. They tell you to be out at a certain date but call you days before that and tell only 1 of your roommates and threatens that if your not out by 5pm of that same day you wont be able to move out and give you no time to move let alone clean! Then they bring over their inexperienced assistant to do a final walk-through at night and charge you for shit that was noted on the lease that you would not be responsible for! Then when they do send you a check bak for $30 that was left from your $500 deposit they will NOT EVEN PUT YOUR NAME ON THE CHECK!!! Tanglewood is the most fucked up place to live, the management will simply increase your stress and make your life hell all the while they steal all your money. DO NOT LIVE HERE! With all I've said and all the problems that others have noted above, you should know better than to even consider living at this dump run by rude-ass ghetto management. —suecliff

2012-01-24 15:44:29   Hi Sue – I apologize for the frustration. I was under the impression your concerns had been addressed as your previous comment had been removed. Please contact me Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm to chat a little further. I appreciate your feedback.


2012-01-26 14:58:04   In general, comments are left on the Wiki regardless of whether the conflict was resolved or not. This enables users to see what conflicts occurred with a particular business, which can inform their decision to support the business or not. —TimJ

2012-01-30 14:28:06   Jessica I only removed my previous comment because you threatened not to help resolve the conflict if it remained and even after I removed it you did nothing to help us. You and your staff simply treated us horribly and cheated us out of our money. You should be fired. —suecliff

2012-02-01 10:31:21   Today, out of the blue, I received an email from Tanglewood's online rent system with the message: "PAY RENT NOW". I haven't lived there since 2008. —TimJ

2012-02-06 21:16:53   I personally don't understand the negative comments for tanglewood. i lived here for the 2010-2011 lease and found the experience be great. the office was always very nice to us, and helped a lot when moving over to a sister property. maintenance was good at fixing things quickly; my dishwasher overflowed and the guy came up right away, and it was after hours. as far as the deposit goes, we hardly got anything taken off..just carpet stuff that we had done. overall, i loved my time here —Tay

2012-07-09 11:38:16   I deleted my last comment because it doesn't really reflect the gravity of Tanglewood's negative impact on my life. I don't want to say too much and reveal my identity to them because I'm honestly scared, but PLEASE do not move here if you value your money and safety :( —sundeimasu

2012-07-22 11:02:40   Not only for students, we have lived here for 3 years now and have felt at home. Thanks to Denise, Mgr and her kind staff and Jeremy, Maintenance Supr. and his staff we have been very well cared for and our apartment needs met. We have been apartment dwellers from city to city and found Tanglewood and staff to be the best. All apartment living can have issues, but the courteous staff here took care of us and we really appreciate them. As we leave to our new city, we wanted to be sure and say - Thank you. Peace be with you, Antonio Montoya and family. —AntonioMontoya

2012-08-03 16:34:03   The staff is rude and incompetent. I recently signed my lease over at Tanglewood properties and left the country. When I came back to the states and checked my bank account, I noticed that the staff at Tanglewood had been withdrawing my rent (though I had signed a contract that I was no longer liable for paying rent there.) Had I not noticed, they would have taken two full months worth of rent from me. When I called them to voice this complaint (after my roommate had the month before while I was out of town) I was received with rudeness and THE most unprofessional attitude I have ever encountered. When I asked a staff member at Tanglewood who I spoke with, she responded with hostility. After displaying her full incompetency, she proceeded to hang up on me after I asked the question "what am I supposed to do for 72 hours without $1000+ in my bank account?"

As I have just graduated from college, I am not the wealthiest of people and Tanglewood has taken full advantage of that. The experience doesn't matter at Tanglewood, just your bank account. —Shapun

2013-06-28 16:54:25   Now that the 2013 rental season is here, I feel morally obligated to leave a review for Tanglewood. I started renting here last summer, 2012, in a three bedroom. I'll try not to give identifying details because I am still living at Tanglewood. The facts: on our move-in date, the apartment was uninhabitable(management agreed that this was the case) and we had to move all our belongings elsewhere while the apartment was finished over a few days. If we hadn't grabbed a few extra days at our last apartment, we would have been temporarily homeless. Some of the previous tenants' things were left in the apartment and we had to make multiple requests to get them cleaned out. Our most fundamental appliances did not work on move-in and needed replacing. Non-essentials (blinds, etc.) were also broken or missing.

Then, once we were in, other appliances kept breaking and repairs have been slow or nonexistent. The ancient washer and dryer break over and over again. Finally, my roommates and I got robbed, multiple times, over the course of one month. Our cars, our garage. It was then that I realized that many garages in the complex have had the same window (the one used to get into the garage) broken out and crudely replaced. The police that showed up told us that Tanglewood apartments have been getting broken into, too, which is scary. Management seemed completely indifferent to the fact that we were getting robbed repeatedly in their complex; their hired "security" seems to exist only to kick you out of the pool area at 10 p.m.. Upper and middle management is often condescending and rude when we come in with problems. The people lowest on the food chain in the office (Becca!) have been really sweet, though, and their compassion has been a small bright spot in an otherwise awful living experience. Other bright spots: the apartment layouts and landscaping are nice.

All said, a really awful move in experience, mediocre-to-poor living experience, high non-violent crime rate. I know others who have had an okay experience here but the risks are high and I have really been suffering for the risk I took in moving here.


2013-07-08 09:53:59   Hi there,

I am so sorry you have been experiencing these issues at our community. We have heard your concerns, and want to make sure you heard about the Community Awareness Meeting which we will be hosting on July 9th at 5pm. We will have our Courtesy Patrol presenting valuable information – tips for safety at our community, and an open forum for questions. We will also have snacks and refreshments, so please come!

Thank you again for taking the time to voice your concerns, and please feel free to contact me directly at any time.

Thank you, Jessica Scangarello

[email protected] Senior Community Manager —TanglewoodApartments

2013-10-03 14:38:22   DO NOT LIVE HERE!

After move out, my house was expecting to get money back from our security deposit. When I got the bill, Tanglewood CHARGED us an extra $150 after taking our whole deposit.

They said everyone has to pay for carpet cleaning unless you get a 3rd party to clean it. (So basically you will never get your full deposit back).

They also charged us for general cleaning. Let me note that we cleaned everything thoroughly because we wanted our security deposit back. Tanglewood said they "took pictures" to prove the invoice stuff even though they didn't have to and the pictures showed obvious dirt and crumbs or something on appliances in the apartment. In my head I'm thinking, "We would have cleaned everything if there were crumbs and dirty toilet seats," but we can't do anything because they have pictures and we didn't. I didn't think the pictures were the apartment that we left. So after talking to a manager I left because I felt like I couldn't do anything, but when I was walking, I was looking at the pictures again and I noticed that one of the pictures of the front door with dirt and everything in front of it had a little white rectangular rug in front of it. And in my head I was like "WHAT THE FUCK?! WE NEVER HAD A RUG IN FRONT OF OUR DOOR!!!" So I knew for a fact that that door was not our apartment even though it's under our file. So I walked back to talk to the manager again and told her, but when talking about it, I couldn't prove anything because I didn't take pictures when we left. BULLSHIT..

I HATE TANGLEWOOD... They are so expensive but so stingy on everything.



2013-10-20 11:06:51   I have lived in this darn place for enough years now and the beginning was ok. Over the last 1-2 years though things have been horrible. My biggest issue is the management.. The combo of Denise and Mary was ok , then Mary left and things started going down. Now we have Becca and Denise (Denise is on maternity leave)... so it's basically Becca and some replacements. Becca has not been able for once to deal with an issue. They always keeping messing up, there is never a solution, only excuses and severe cheating and fooling. "Oh yes, I understand, I am so sorry, send an email to Jessica and she will take care of it". I am not going to reiterate on comments that people have left on this page but I second each and every one of them. And.. Jessica please do not do the polite responses to comments here, for a change try to reply to emails from your tenants first and ALSO try to be around once in a blue moon... Lynn Willis was in her office every single day. I guess that's why she got promoted. Get your shit together and perhaps consider that things could stop being prosperous for Tanglewood at some point. —RobinFoul

2013-12-16 14:38:55   Hi Robin,

We appreciate your candid feedback on Davis Wiki. My name is Ashley Williams and I am the new Community Manager at Tanglewood. I would love the opportunity to meet you and discuss all of your concerns. Please feel free to call me at the office at 530.757.6130, e-mail me at [email protected] or feel to stop by the office.

Thanks, Ashley Williams Community Manager



I have been moved out of my Tanglewood Apartment for almost SIX MONTHS and I am STILL having issues with bullsh*t move-out fees.

Honestly, I was so excited to move into my Tanglewood Apartment last year. Unfortunately the unit my roommates and I moved in to was nothing like the beautifully furnished home we were shown on the tour. The carpet was filthy, the walls were grungy, and there was a GIANT hole in the wall of the master bedroom that maintenance never got around to fixing. The complex itself is fairly quiet, and in an ideal location - I'll give them that. I loved walking on the bike path behind the complex with my dog, but that was not enough to make up for the terrible management at Tanglewood.

It's not that the management was ever rude to me, it's more that they just didn't know what the hell was going on...EVER. This is because of the high turnover, and there was also no communication between the people in the office and the maintenance. We were constantly receiving weird signs and messages on our door saying things about eviction, strange maintenance checks..and honestly it was really annoying.

When we moved out we were HORRIFIED to see that our deposit was completely gone, and that we owed them hundreds of dollars for obscure things, such as almost $300 in painting fees...even though the walls were wrecked when we moved in AND we documented it on our move in evaluation. I asked them for weeks to send more detailed information about the fees, and the management NEVER responded. The only response we got was a call to COLLECTIONS saying we owed hundreds of dollars in unpaid fees. FUN. After we paid our way out of collections, we immediately contacted the management and of course they had no idea what was going on — because they last 5 managers had come and gone and they didn't even know who we were or that we had had any move out problems. So after months of this B.S. I am still waiting to get reimbursed for the fees that we unfairly paid to collections. It turned out that they had made a mistake, and that our move out fees were completely wrong.

TANGLEWOOD. YOU GET AN F FOR NOT CARING ABOUT YOUR TENANTS. GRRR. Save yourself some time and money and move somewhere else. —chmorr

2014-02-25 20:22:15   OH YEAH, AND IT'S OVERPRICED!!! BOOOO!!!! —chmorr

2014-03-12 16:56:58   Hello,

My name is Ashley Williams and I am the Community Manager at Tanglewood, I am so sorry to here of your frustrations with your move out statement. I understand you might have already made a payment for the charges but I am would be more than happy to review your file and move out charges to ensure accuracy. Please feel free to call me at 530-757-6130 or e-mail me at [email protected] so we can discuss further.

Thank you,

Ashley Williams