The iktar is a stringed instrument used in traditional bhangra music (photo Creative Commons By-SA Abdullah Al Mamun)

South Asians are those who are native to the Indian Subcontinent or regions in its proximity. A sub-group, Indians, can be confused with Native Americans.


Traditional pubjabi dance is represented by the all female UC Davis Giddha Team, while bhangra dance is performed by the Davis Di Dynasty and the all female Ronak Di Punjab. There is also the Gabroo Punjabis bhangra team based out of Solano County.


The events of Sept. 11 triggered the worst backlash against South Asian Americans since the early 1900s, instilling fear and intimidation throughout the community1. Various efforts in the city of Davis and on the UC Davis campus have and are being made to protect the civil rights of South Asians in our community:

UC Davis

Those new to the country attending UC Davis... Anybody know what resources for students recently arrived from South Asia doing transfer study or in the grad programs at UCD are?

Classes are offered that cover South Asian issues, generally under the Asian American Studies program. There is also the Middle East/South Asian Studies program available.

AS Papers publishes Awaaz, a Progressive magazine specifically covering South Asian culture.

South Asian Professors

  • Professor Maira, Asian American Studies.

South Asian Classes


South Asians are 1.6% of the Davis population.



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1. South Asian Americans Unprepared for Sept. 11 Fallout