2477 Sycamore Lane
(North Davis, north of The Marketplace at
Sycamore Lane & Alvarado Avenue intersection)
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
The Office
Pool, spa, & sauna
Study room & lounge with pool table
Fitness room
Cable television (expanded basic)
Central heat/air
Wood stoves
Handicapped access
BBQ area
Cats & Dogs allowed

Temescal Apartments offers 1 bedroom apartments $920 [Sept 2013], two bedroom apartments $1350[Sept 2013], 3 bedroom townhouses $1700 [Sept 2013], 4 bedroom townhouses $2200 [Sept 2013]. Pet deposits are $300 per pet. This complex is on the Unitrans G bus line and J bus line, near The Marketplace.

Temescal apartments is conveniently located in North Davis, within walking distance of the Market Place Shopping Center, to accommodate your shopping and dining needs. Our property has both 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, as well as 3 & 4 bedroom town homes. Amidst our beautiful park like landscaping, the front of the property provides bus stops for 2 major campus bus lines (G & J) as well as access to the heart of downtown. For other travel needs Highway 113 is easily accessible from our property. Free parking is available on site for all residents. Temescal provides a large range of Community Amenities. A sparkling pool and Jacuzzi are a great place to relax during the warm summer days. We have both an outdoor fitness area as well as an indoor fitness room (complete with both cardio equipment and weights). Our large dry sauna is a perfect way to end your workout, or to unwind after a long day. Throughout the property, BBQ picnic areas are available for your use and enjoyment. Also on site, are two 24 hour laundry rooms with key entry access. The study lounge is open 24 hours and allows you to access the free wireless internet available throughout the property. Have some free time on your hands… utilize our game area equipped with a pool table and dart board or come spend some time in our large community area. Our units offer a variety of fabulous amenities and features. Whether you live alone, with roommates, or a four legged friend (we are both dog and cat friendly) your unit has everything you need. Each unit includes free expanded basic cable television, gas stoves, frost free refrigerators, dishwasher, garbage disposal, dual pane windows and ample cabinets and closets for all your storage needs. Wall to wall carpets in the living room and bedrooms give the unit that extra homey feel. All units have standard heat and air for climate control. Additionally, all 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units include a free standing wood burning stove, perfect for warming up the unit during the cold winter nights. Our whole house fans, included in all units, are a great energy efficient way to cool the house in the summer evenings. 24 hour emergency maintenance is provided for all of your maintenance needs. We pay water, sewer, and garbage! Each month you are responsible for your rent and PG&E (to cover utilities used within the unit). No hidden fees! Check us out at www.temescalapartments.com and set up an appointment to view your next home today!


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2007-02-22 18:12:25   The 2-bedroom apartments seem to be very high in demand. I went with my roommate to check out the 1- and 3-bedroom units. The layouts are not as thoughtful as we had hoped and the wood-burning stove near the foyer continues to boggle me. I suppose if you enjoy burning wood during the 3 weeks that Davis is actually cold enough to warrant it, the stove is a nice amenity in the larger units. —AbbYu

2007-04-12 16:32:04   Stupid 1000-character limit! Temescal is great. I've lived in a 3BR/1.5Ba for 3 years and am now in a 2/1. Prices are reasonable, locations are good. Great management and maintenance. The wireless is very slow, but works when SBC goes down. Great floorplan in the 2BR, decent in the 3BR. Tons of cabinet space in both. Big closets. All in all, great place. —TomGarberson

2007-09-21 23:40:05   Just moved in and internet sucks, anyone know what internet to get that has the best deal? —ChrisChen

2007-09-22 00:02:45   Chris, you might want to take a look at the Broadband page. —Graham.Freeman

2007-09-22 02:15:19   Yeah the internet at Temescal is not reliable. Definitely want to get your own ISP, especially if you like to procrastinate on research papers and whatnot. —KaiWan

2009-03-31 11:46:04   The initial system that was installed did have problems and management has changed the system to accomodate to number of residents using the internet. Temescal has installed 2 DSL lines with 8 meraki repeaters. There have been no complaints from our residents since upgrading last year. The management encourages residents to notify them if they do experience problems. —Management

2010-07-06 02:14:07   I hate the parking lot here at Temescal. There's ALWAYS (except during summer when it's empty) at least 3 cars who do not have a parking permit to be found parked in the lot. It's so frustrating when I, being at tenant, cannot park in my own parking lot because other people visiting are taking up spaces. It's not like I could park on the street, there's never any spaces! They definitely do not enforce the parking permit requirement, so why should I even have given the office the information on my car and stuck some sticker on my windshield if there's absolutely no risk of being towed? —KaprilWooley

2010-08-19 21:30:14   The wood burning stove is tacky and oddly placed, as are some random alcoves of the 3br that I live in. Management has been reliable and helpful the few times there were problems. The apartments are older and yeah, if you want to watch movies or tv online get your own internet. It's a nice place to live though the apartments are kinda old. —argyle

2011-03-04 17:06:03   Over the December break temescal upgraded the internet again they now have a 20 meg system. I have lived here for several years and I still like it. —kenbrown

FYI, Ken Brown is the assistant manager at Temescal - argyle

2011-05-24 16:16:29   Awesome place, the managers are very nice people! Just a heads for you people who tend to get packages a lot, they will not sign for packages. Not their fault, more of the parent management company. >.< —The-O

2011-07-14 17:03:03   Temescal Apartments is really old and run down. The managers here are incompetent and really rude towards students. —LukeShiver

2014-05-15 12:47:46   This is my third year living in a four bedroom apartment here. I love it. The managers are nice, the location is great. In general a nice pace for a student to live, much better than half of the other apartment complexes in Davis. —sosoli

2014-06-17 00:10:39   Lived in a 4 Bedroom Townhouse: the managers were pretty friendly and easygoing; maintenance was prompt; parking is ample (with gravel overflow, should be asphalt!); buildings are on the older side; the whole house fan was actually really useful; Temescal wi-fi sucked; Comcast was great because since the complex includes cable TV, our Blast Plus connection was heavily discounted; right in front of the G and J line; right next to the Marketplace; laundry is $1 Dry/Wash; kitchen stove was gas fueled; after-hours clubhouse access is annoying to deal with (you have to check in every week). 7.5/10 would recommend. —compmix