510 Lake Boulevard in West Davis, near the intersection of Russell Blvd.
Office Hours
Monday through Friday: 9am-5pm
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (530)758-8733
Types of Units
Studio Apt, 1br/1ba, 2br/1ba, 2br/2ba, 3br/2ba, 4br/2ba, 6br/2ba

The Trees Apartments is a leafy, greenery-filled apartment complex in West Davis that is owned by two UC Davis graduates. It is known for having the largest array of floor plan options (13!) in Davis. Also, "The Trees" is the only complex in Davis with a 6 bedroom apartment for lease. A scenic bike ride along the Avenue of Trees gets you to UC Davis and Downtown Davis in about 10-15 minutes.

Current and past tenants note that the apartments are fairly spacious, clean and quiet. It is also noted that maintenance requests are completed quickly. Community amenities include a large pool and hot tub, a game room with Air Hockey, Foosball, 46" TV & Wii, a comfortable study lounge with a scan/copy/print machine, and the option to join Stonegate Country Club.

Management Notes

Jacque McKee joined The Trees as Community Manager in 2013. Many people remember her from Portage Bay Apartments, where she managed from 1996 to 2012. All of those great reviews refer to her!

Features & Amenities

Free Wifi
Pool & Hot Tub
24 Hour Laundry Centers
Central Heat & AC
BBQ & Picnic Area
24 Hour Fitness Center
Pets Allowed with $500 Deposit*
Study Lounge & Game Room
Microwave, Dishwasher
Fireplace (In second story H, I, J, & K floor plans)
Basketball, Tennis & Sailing!
24 Hour Emergency Maintenance
Country Club membership
Grassy Courtyard Areas with BBQs

Other Notes: *Pets are allowed with a $500 deposit, but they must be under 45lbs (breed restrictions do apply) and please, no farm animals!


Public Transportation - The Trees Apartments is located on Unitrans D and K bus lines which goes to both the Memorial Union and The Silo.

Bicycle - The Trees Apartments is adjacent to The Davis Bike Loop via the Russell Boulevard bike path. The UC Davis campus is 1.1 miles away, which is a 10-15 minute bike ride. There are many bike lanes, bike paths and bike-only connectors throughout the neighborhood.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, walk to West Manor Park or behind Village Homes to connect to The Greenbelt. For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, Westlake Plaza is a few short blocks blocks away. Check out the new grocery store there, Westlake Market

Parking - Free uncovered parking is available. 1 & 2 bed apt: 1 space. 3 bed apt: 2 spaces. 4 & 6 bed apt: 3 spaces. There is also ample, free street parking around the community.

Accessibility - Accessible units are available.

Floor Plans

483 sq. ft. 696 sq. ft. 694 sq.ft. 908 sq.ft. 890 sq.ft. 912 sq. ft. 1050 sq. ft. 1026 sq. ft. 1008 sq. ft. 1040 sq.ft. 1211 sq.ft. 1394 sq.ft. 1682 sq.ft.


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For additional information on rental housing in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

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2010-02-22 18:08:26   Hey everyone, Dean the manager is cool. He's reasonable and an advocate for students. If you get charged a bunch of money to clean your apartment, well, then you might be dirty. More expensive than other places, though, which sucks, but whatever. —danprater

2010-08-01 13:00:37   After living here for almost a year, I would definitely recommend The Trees to any of my friends. The apartments are quite spacious and have been kept up very well. The property is beautiful — there's a reason they call it The Trees. The manager, Dean, is friendly and fair-minded. The move-out charges are a little harsh (you have to pay for your own carpet cleaning, and if the apartment is not clean to the management's expectations you get charged for cleaning services, and if paint needs to be touched up in one room you will be charged for the whole apartment). Also the security deposit is a little steep in my opinion at 100% of one month's rent (I've lived in places where the deposit was just last month's rent + $500. It's wayyy more here). Maintenance is pretty responsive and things get done within two or three days of submitting a maintenance request. Rent is reasonable but if you're looking for a good deal I would suggest shopping around... you can find way cheaper rent elsewhere. Overall though living here has been a good experience. My rating of The Trees might change based on how much of my security deposit I get back though.—jsogul

  • UPDATE: I got back $400 out of $600 of my share of the security deposit, which I thought was acceptable since we didn't clean the apartment very thoroughly before we moved out, we didn't clean the carpets before we left and I think there might have been some very minor damage to a door or something. I ended up living here again this year for seven months as a sublettor and nothing about my opinion has changed. I think it's one of the best complexes to live in in Davis. —jsogul

2010-08-20 08:24:28   I subleased from The Trees Apartments for the summer of 2010 while in town for work and training. The apartment manager, Dean, was extremely helpful and friendly. When seeking an apartment, I called numerous places around Davis trying to find a sublease and most managers were unwilling to help their tenants find someone to sublease their apartment for the summer. However, Dean went the extra mile to not only help me find a suitable living arrangement but also to help the tenant who had to move out early. Most apartment properties don’t take the extra effort to care for their tenants the way that Dean does at The Trees Apartments. Besides for the excellent customer service, I would further recommend living at The Trees because of the spacious and quiet living quarters, the beautiful landscaping, and the other amenities such as the grill area, heated pool and hot tub, game room, weight room, and study area. I read a few people mention the distance to campus but my wife and I really didn’t see that as a problem. We rode our bikes everyday into downtown (about one mile from central campus) and it only took us about 15-20 minutes. So getting to campus should only take about 10 minutes or so. In addition, a bus stop was right next to my apartment and it was only a 10-12 minute bus ride into campus. I would definitely recommend The Trees to anyone looking for a great apartment with lots of amenities and great customer service. —LandonMarston

2010-11-30 12:18:19   The Trees apartments is one of the best apartments is Davis. I regret moving out. The apartment manager is extremely nice and helpful. The apartments are clean, and most of the time it is fairly peaceful. —cherylN

2010-12-13 10:24:30   One of the best apartment experiences ever and I've been in and out of apartments for the last 7 years! The management and maintenance staff are top notch. Highly recommended. The only reason I moved out was to move into a house closer to downtown. If I ever have to move back into an apartment, I'm going back to the Trees. —aroach12

2011-01-19 17:47:24   I have been living here since Aug 2010 and so far so good. The apts are a good size, a little pricey though. It is a nice place to live for sure. It is def quiet in the day but at times it does get loud at night. Some people even like to play basketball at 1am on a Tues night, def hate that. Dean is great. He is a very nice guy and very helpful. The complex is on the older side but it is well maintaned. The only major problem I have with the apt is the space between the front door and the floor. There is such a huge gap that it lets a lot of cold air come in. I fixed that problem by just placing a towl to prevent air from entering. Also, there are a lot of trees which means a lot of leaves. I was lucky enough to get a parking that doesnt have a tree by it, so its no problem to me. But I do see how cars get and im glad thats not my car. Other than that, like I said so far so good. —Greengirl

2011-01-25 16:21:36   Me and my family have been living in these apartments since august 2010. We looked at everything and there is no doubt these are the best in their class. Very clean, very well maintained and a very peaceful place. Wait to meet Dean, the manager and his wife! They are probably the best managers in town! They will help you in any thing you may need. The maintenance team is also awesome, very responsive. Prices are very reasonable for the type of quality they offer and there is a very nice bike track to get to campus conveniently and easily. I would recommend them right away! So far I have found no single reason for not recommending these apartments so be fast to reserve yours! —JesusBrezmes

2011-03-29 03:18:59   DON'T LIVE HERE! I've been here since Sept of 2010 and have had nothing but problems. Dean treats you like his best friend when you are signing the lease and paying the deposit but the second you move in and he has your money he could care less about you. We are still waiting for him to come and fix things in our apartment from before we moved in. Every time we ask about it he tells us he'll send Modesto later that day but nothing happens. He's now blaming us for all the things that were already wrong and threatening to take it out of the deposit. We've had to contact a lawyer after Dean said that. Dean is never in the office unless it's the 1-3 of the month when he is anxiously waiting for rent. Our lease said rent was due by the 5th of each month and we were charged a late fee and told rent is now due on the 3rd. The apartment is small for comparable places in West Davis or just Davis in general. Find somewhere else to live. You'll absolutely hate living here after about a month. —CollegeKid2014

  • Dear CollegeKid2014, I apologize that you've had difficulty connecting with our Community Manager Dean in the office. Our office is open M-F, 9-5pm with the exception of lunch. Dean is also available 24/7 by cellphone. Although, our entire staff is capable of handling our residents' concerns. Regarding the security deposit, we want to return all of our residents' deposits. So, we give everyone a detailed move-out package to help make that happen and many of our residents receive their full deposit back. Our lease states that rent is due on the 1st of every month and late after the 3rd of the month. If you were charged a late fee and your lease has a due date other than the 1st, please bring a copy of the lease into the office and we will refund double the charge. As always, if there is anything more that we can do to improve your living experience at The Trees Apartments, please contact us. —derrick.c.underwood, Leasing Agent, The Trees Apts.

2011-03-29 17:26:35   I've also been living at the trees since September, and I haven't had any problems. We've had multiple things go wrong from broken dishwasher, to jammed doors, to keys that stop working, and someone has always been there to take care of us within at most two days (when our keys didn't work, someone came within an hour and changed the locks for us). I also think dean is a friendly guy, and I see him in the office almost every day when I'm checking the mail or picking up packages. While the whole "rent due on the 3rd" thing is true and annoying, I still love this place, and would say DEFINITELY recommend living here. The amenities are nice, I think management is great, and the occasional snacks are a fun bonus (popcorn on Thursday's, and the occasional pizza, cookies, or burgers). —Morganna

2011-05-13 14:30:37   I lived here last year and I the one thing that really stood out at The Trees was the helpful and responsive management. Dean is by far the most approachable and helpful manager I have worked with in Davis. There was, occasionally, one or two times where a maintenance request got lost and we had to fill out a new one, but Dean and Modesto (primary maintenance person) have always been on top of it. —KLouie

2011-07-19 12:53:16   I really enjoyed living here. The atmospher is quiet and the tenants tend to be mature students and young professionals. The property is also unpdated and Dean and the maintenance are very attentive to details. Living alongside Russell Blvd. is a bit noisy. But otherwise no complaints. Dean and his wife are very nice, easy-going people. They even offered me a ride to work in downpour when I was walking down Lake. I will miss this place. —NicciS

2012-03-22 10:48:52   I've been living at the Trees for the past 2 years, and just signed my lease for the 3rd. I agree that the deposit + rent can be fairly high (~1050 for one a one bedroom, ~1400 for a 2), but you seriously pay for what the quality you get. The apartments are spacious, look great, and the management is probably the best I've seen compared to many places I've been to. That alone makes it worth living here; they've come and fixed all of our stuff from broken dishwashers, burnt out light bulbs, and even personally coming in to get rid of a wasp that flew in one time. AND they're fast about it. I submit a request, and they come in to fix it the same day or the next day (if they're really busy). The managers are married, have kids, are friendly, and actually live in one of the apartments too. There's a 24 hour gym, study room, "lounge" (games, TV, couches), free popcorn on Thursdays, vending machines, pool, bbq area, and tons more! —Jennyfish

2012-03-25 16:12:41   I do recommend living in The Trees. We have been living here for two months and this place has fully come up to expectations. The management Dean and Melissa are very nice and helpful, they might be one of the bests as compared with the rumours we've heard from others. They offered us a lot of help when we moved in with our two little children. Thus, we managed to move in very smoothly and we enjoy living here henceforward. We are planning to be in Davis for two years but for sure we will never change apartments. Prior to our coming to Davis we checked several apartments beside The Trees (through internet and now in reality). We feel very lucky because the majority of the other places showed far better images than they really are, however, here we got the same quality and conditions as we expected. In summary, this place is the best for people who look for a quite and friendly place, and luckily it is not a party hub. —MateGyimesi

2012-04-06 17:14:40   Best apartment I've ever lived in, and I've lived in quite a few. Friendly staff, great area, and attractive apt. It's not even on the expensive side as far as Davis rent goes. Oh and dogs. That's the clincher. —tombrokaw

2012-04-17 13:47:38   Have been living here for almost 3 years and I love it! Dean and Modesto are both super nice! Things gets fixed within the same day! Internet is free! The whole complex is sooo clean! Pool and hot tubs are clean! Love the free popcorn and the bbq area! Area is super quiet especially nice for grad students and family. I think we lucked out on choosing this awesome place with awesome managers and technicians. —pinkalgae

2012-08-24 23:09:21   I’ve lived in my apt for about a year now, and I’ve had a great experience!

Hands down The Trees is the best-managed apt complex in Davis. Other residents have noted how fast maintenance requests get processed here, and I agree that is definitely a huge benefit of living here. Every issue I’ve had Dean and the office and maintenance staff have taken care of right away. Another plus is that Dean and his family are super nice people (as others have noted!), and the maintenance and other office staff are also always very friendly and helpful.

I am a graduate student and I am happy to live a little farther from campus in exchange for a bit more quiet. I’ve never been bothered by noise here at all. The apartment complex is a nice mix of undergrads, graduate students, and families. Everyone seems very nice and respectful. Even though there are a good deal of undergrads, I am never kept up by parties or anything. Price-wise I think The Trees is a good deal (I have a 1-bedroom). The apartment is decent sized, and it was very clean when I moved in. All the appliances are very new and work great. The pool and hot tub are clean too. There are definitely cheaper places in Davis, but in my opinion they are not as clean and well-maintained. There is also a BBQ area with a grill, which is very nice, as well as a small gym.

I do not have a pet myself, but I do notice other cats and dogs that live here. I actually love animals, but am slightly allergic – so I was SO glad the apt was so clean when I moved in. No allergy problems at all. Also, the grounds are really well-maintained so I never notice dog poop or anything like that. So, overall, I’d say it seems like a great place to have a pet. But if you’re allergic or not so keen on dog poop everywhere, you won’t be bothered! :)

Unsurprisingly, The Trees are surrounded by trees! This makes utilities cheap – in the winter I paid about $30-$40 a month for everything and in the summer $50-$60. The one negative is that my car gets leaves and sap on it during some seasons. But I could easily fix this by parking on the road rather than in my assigned spot (which I should mention is awesome when you get home late at night!).

Another amenity the apt complex offers is free internet. I get internet/email to my phone and have an office on campus where I do most of my work, so I never NEED internet. I do use the internet occasionally in the evenings. There are definitely times when the internet is down or is running too slow to use. I don’t notice as much in the summer the internet being too slow, so I think the speed issues are somewhat seasonal. As for the internet being down, I’d estimate I notice it down once every 2 weeks or so. So, if you plan to work from your apartment I definitely recommend paying for Comcast (which is an option), but I’ve never had to because for my purposes the free internet here is good enough.

I was just reading through the other comments and I was shocked to see someone had a bad experience with Dean. I have never ever heard anyone here say anything negative, and all the residents I’ve talked to seem really really happy. On the other hand, I could relate to the comment about the space between the door and the floor! I am totally freaked out by spiders and a friend noted they could come in through that crack (which I had never noticed before). I IMMEDIATELY (this was around 8pm at night) went to the hardware store where for $5 you can buy a thing to put on the bottom of the door to cover the crack. For people less afraid of spiders or with a little more foresight, I’m SURE Dean/the maintenance staff would take care of it!

I am happy here and I am staying another year, so I can’t comment on the move-out process. That will have to be left for another post in a year or 2 when I graduate and move out!


2014-02-02 11:35:09   Quick update to my earlier post:

First, I had a great experience with Jacque. She is really on top of everything. And, in addition, goes above and beyond for residents. I was a huge fan of Dean, and it seems like Jacque is carrying on that great management.

Second, all the good things I said earlier about living here still apply, and in addition, my move out went smoothly. The Trees does have a setup where you end up paying a portion of painting and carpet costs (that decreases to zero if you stay long enough), and then, in addition they say you pay for any damage. I was a little worried that I would get slammed with a big bill. I am clean and lived in a one BDRM apt alone, and in the didn't pay anything. So, if you're clean and plan to stay a while, I'd say don't worry about any the details of the move-out costs that definitely freaked me out a bit!

Overall it's a great place to live and I highly recommend it!! —daviscagradstudent

2014-05-17 15:32:47   My wife and I lived here from 2011-2013 and we really liked it. It was very quiet, management was super nice and laid back. They aren't extremely strict about the lease and will work with you if things come up. Jacque is really nice and she seems to genuinely want to help the residents. Maintenance is super nice and friendly. Maintenance also got done well when needed, although I think we only had one or two requests in our two years living there. The complex was extremely quiet. We almost never heard our neighbors and walking through the complex it always seemed like a ghost town. The only loud part is portage bay road. There was constantly people walking down that road at night on the weekend so I'd recommend trying to get towards the middle of the complex. Bugs were never an issue in our apartment. I don't think we ever had even one (aside from a fly here and there).

The only complaint I would have is the move-out costs. When we moved in the apartment really wasn't as clean as I had expected it to be. We did quite a bit of cleaning in our first couple days living there and when we moved out I am 100% confident it was much cleaner than when we moved in. We were still charged the full cleaning fee of around $135. That was pretty frustrating because they charge you the same amount if there is one little bit of hard water around the faucet as they do if the whole apartment is dirty. The painting charge was very reasonable so I was happy about that.

However, they never raised our rent while we were there and if we were to renew again for the next year they would again keep the rent the same. Also, they had renewal bonuses. So our first time we renewed we got like $300 off our rent one month for renewing. That basically immediately cancels out the annoyance of the move-out charge because we still came out ahead. —RyanKirk