The Travel Behavior Action Research Team is an interdisciplinary group of graduate students working to understand and improve transportation at UC Davis.

In 2007, this student-directed seminar, focused on studying travel to and from campus and how to move towards a sustainable campus transportation system, provided a hands-on introduction to social science research. Students are working to develop research questions, write proposals, perform focus groups, complete the human subjects approval form for their research, and create online surveys related to campus travel. Students are also helping to perform the annual travel assessment being performed in parallel by the instructor, which may entail attending campus committee meetings and communicating with UCD staff. Analysis of the survey results will be conducted in a 1 unit course during the winter quarter. This student-initiated project is part of a joint collaboration between the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), Transportation Parking Services (TAPS), and the Office of Resource Management and Planning (ORMP) at UC Davis.

Title: UC Davis Travel Behavior Action Research CRN: 75484 Units: 2-units, graded When: Mon/Wed, 11-11:50 am Where: 111 Wellman


Date Process 10/1 M Introduction 10/3 W Multimodal field trip 10/8 M Review the previous year’s survey and results 10/10 W Sustainability 10/15 M Mode Choice 10/17 W 10/22 M Research Methods 10/24 W 10/29 M Focus Groups 10/31 W 11/5 M Surveys 11/7 W 11/12 M Veteran's Day (No Class) 11/14 W Review and analyze the previous year’s survey data 11/19 M 11/21 W (just before thanksgiving) may not have class 11/26 M 11/28 W 12/3 M 12/5 W Presentations of our research

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10% IRB form 10% focus group 10% online survey (or other instrument) 20% participation 25% research proposal 25% final report

Class Notes

Chalkboard Brainstorm 10/3