The Memorial Union Terminal as seen from atop the North Entry Parking Structure The Unitrans Memorial Union Bus Terminal (MU Terminal) is one of the two Unitrans terminals on the UC Davis campus along with the Unitrans Hutchison Bus Terminal. The terminal is located directly north of the Memorial Union and Freeborn Hall. The bus terminal houses 8 Unitrans lines with room for up to 5 additional layover buses. Traffic in the terminal is one-way only counterclockwise.

Although car traffic is allowed into the Memorial Union Terminal to access the Information Booth or turn around, the loading or unloading of passengers or cargo in the terminal is prohibited, and vehicles are sometimes cited or chased out by TAPS or the UC Davis Police.

The Memorial Union Bus Terminal services the following bus lines:

B Bus Line
- Sycamore Lane, The Drake Apartments
E Bus Line
- Downtown, F Street, J Street
F Bus Line
- Oak Avenue, East Alvarado Avenue, North F Street
G Bus Line
- Anderson Road, West Alvarado Avenue, North Sycamore Lane
H Bus Line
- Campus Perimeter Shuttle - Mondavi Center, Health Sciences District
K Bus Line
- Russell Boulevard, Lake Boulevard, Arlington Boulevard
M Bus Line
- B Street, Cowell Boulevard, Drew Ave.
P Bus Line
- Davis Perimeter Route - Counterclockwise
Q Bus Line
- Davis Perimeter Route - Clockwise
Z Bus Line
- Downtown/Amtrak, Cantrill Drive/Greystone, 5th Street

NOTE: Please Monitor the Bus you are boarding, Unitrans has adopted a "First Come, First Serve" policy for their Busses at the Memorial Union Terminal. This means the bus you rode earlier may NOT BE IN THE SAME SPOT the next hour

From the MU Terminal, passengers can get practically anywhere in Davis. The P and Q lines, in particular, are artery routes that circle the perimeter of Davis and service many of the city's major shopping centers and apartment complexes.

RT 4735 arrives at the MU Terminal All of Unitrans' vintage London Transport double deck buses run from the MU Terminal on the E Line and F Line*. See the Unitrans website and bus schedule for more information on when double decks are in service. Note that double decks don't always run when the schedule says they will due to possible unforseen mechanical problems and regular maintainence work. Double decks are not wheelchair accessible, but all other Unitrans buses are. * Due to lower ridership, the Modern Double Decker buses have been moved off of the B Line and G Line, and are now servicing the J Line and the V Line at the Silo Terminal.

Yolobus routes 42A and 42B stop at the MU in the northwest corner of the terminal. Check out for more information. Fairfield/Suisun Transit's Solano Express Route 30 stops at the MU through the day. See for more information.


Before the bus terminal and the North Entry Parking Structure existed, an expanse of grass extended from Hickey Gym west and north. The westward area was utilized for archery practice, as evidenced by this Eastman's Originals Collection photo from 1957.

Planned Remodel

A redesign of the MU Terminal is planned for Summer 2014