This is a page for recording photographs, stories, and experiences from the 2007 Whole Earth Festival.


Apparently, some nice videos have been taken of Whole Earth drum circles.

A bohemian typical of Whole Earth. Band-uh plays hits like "Love Train" to commemorate the zeitgeist. Acoustic artist Alela Diane plays to a (dreadlocked) audience on the Quad stage Friday. A crowd dances in front of Wellman Hall with Capoeira performers. Capoeira performers at the Wellman stage. Fire jugglers perform at the on-campus co-op parties. Fire jugglers perform at the on-campus co-op parties.

What would Whole Earth be without some crazy bikes? ...or a rousing drum circle? ...or another odd bike, and a food co-op board member?


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2007-05-11 18:28:48   Indeed, I saw a chick with a dreaded armpit =\ —StevenDaubert post script: I went by on my goped and people were muggin hard, "he's using internal combustion he's ruining the earth... Anyone know where the glass blower vender is located? He always is secret squirrel

2007-05-12 21:56:06   Glad I got the tall bike picture, but just moments before this, I was too dumbfounded to snap photos of the all-male boxer-shorts-clad unicycle squad as they pedaled by. —EdHenn

2007-05-14 20:29:48   I am so sad I missed it. Thanks everyone for posting pics. —HeatherFlood