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The Yolo County SPCA is in need of foster homes for puppies and kittens (they no longer adopt rabbits)! If you can help for even a short time (one to two weeks) that would help a ton!

Mission: To continuously improve the welfare of animals in the community through programs that promote the adoption of homeless animals into permanent, loving homes; humane education; spay/neutering; and the trapping, altering, and releasing of feral cats. Thanks to the contributions of our members, volunteers, and the public, we can create a more humane tomorrow.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) works to improve the welfare of animals through programs promoting adoption, humane education, spay/neutering, and the capture, altering, and releasing of feral cats. The Yolo County SPCA is a foster based program that relies upon volunteers who provide foster care and housing for animals awaiting adoption on a short-term basis; SPCA provides supplies and vet care.

The Yolo County SPCA is a foster based program. They are always looking for more foster homes. If you can foster an animal even for only a short time please email [email protected] for dogs [email protected] for cats and [email protected] for rabbits.

The adoption fee for dogs is currently $175, cats it is $90, and for rabbits it is $45 for one and for a bonded pair its $90. This fee includes vaccinations up to time of adoption, spaying or neutering, microchipping, and testing (heartworm for dogs, FIV, FELV for cats) rabbits are also litter box trained.

The Yolo County SPCA brings prospective adoptees to Petco almost every Saturday from 12-3.

Local foster Susan Master explained the screening procedures and how they are careful about placing with students in February 2010, "As a former foster home, I can tell you why YCSPCA and most rescues have stiff screening procedures, especially for students. Students are very transient and often don't understand that they will have this cat for 20 years, including many moves, new roommates, career changes, new partners and even children. Many if not most of the cats returned are from students and roommate issues. Additionally, every June many cats are left at Davis apartment complexes when the students move out and abandon their cats. We love the cats too! We want to get them homes, but it's important that they are good, committed homes. The shelter takes in many many more cats than it can adopt out. We can't save them all, but we can do our best to make sure ours don't end up there (or worse). If people think a four page application is too long for a 15 to 20 year commitment, maybe it's not the right time for a cat. We realize that cats are a dime a dozen (unfortunately). However, if people put more time and thought into adopting them, maybe they wouldn't be. If students want a cat, maybe they should consider fostering! You don't have the long term commitment, don't have to worry about pet-friendly housing when you leave Davis, and you help save lives."

On the other side of the equation, Virginia related her experiences as an adopter on September 2010: "We adopted two kittens from Yolo SPCA recently. Contrary to previous wiki comments, I was contacted very shortly after e-mailing in my application. However, placement seems to occur only on Saturdays at Petco, and if the animal you see on the website is not brought to placement that day, you won't be able to adopt it. We spent 2+ hours looking at, holding, petting, and discussing kittens with the foster families. When we finally made our (agonizing) choice, we were interviewed by the person who had fostered those cats. We felt a bit as though we were being vetted—but that is as it should be. The foster families lavish love, attention, and money on these pets and they don't want to ship them off with just anyone. They really do make a point of finding a good match. In my case, we have young children and were told that a couple of the mellower cats would not be happy in a boisterous home.

"It may feel odd to you that with so many pets needing homes, the SPCA isn't just trying to get them placed as quickly as possible with anyone who'll take them. But that's not the organization's style. What impressed me most was that I got to take home cats whose life history and health history were not question marks. The SPCA volunteer gave me a sheet with all the vaccination dates listed, the name of the eye medication one cat had taken, instructions on how to register their microchips correctly, what kind of food and litter they were using, and a ton of other useful tidbits. She even showed me how to clip the cats' toenails. For $90, that's the bargain of the century. I'm so happy with our kitties and so glad I adopted through the SPCA."

Check out their Pets of the Month and their adoption success stories.


In addition to operating the SPCA Thrift Store as their primary funding source, the Yolo County SPCA coordinates several other volunteer opportunities, listed in part below:

  • work with the Yolo County Animal Shelter
  • Fostering dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies
  • tabling spay/neuter/behavioral information
  • providing educational activities for school age children
  • assisting with animal placement at Petco
  • set-up/tear down tables at events
  • socializing animals
  • writing, producing, taking photos, and mailing the quarterly newsletter
  • providing pet therapy visits to local convalescent homes

If you are interested in volunteering email [email protected].

One of their previous fund raising events was known as the Governor's Ball, but rather than being named for the office, it was named for a dog.

The Yolo County SPCA's Biggest Fundraising Events is the Annual Doggone Walk-a-thon is usually held the first Saturday in May. Register at http://www.yolospca.org.



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2007-03-16 10:06:26   Does anyone know how the process works for becoming a foster home? I'd like to know about the experience before getting involved. Also, the email address says "[email protected]" but i'm assuming you can use it to get information about fostering cats as well? —ElleWeber

2007-03-17 21:13:36   the volunteers are extremely rude and literally TOLD me to make a monetary donation even after I brought a bag of cat food. After explaining that I was a student and couldn't afford to give a generous monetary donation, the lady pretty much ignored everything I said and is now expecting a check in the mail! Not only that, but they were extremely rude and made assumptions that my dogs terrorized the cat even though they had no proof and have never even met my dogs!!!! their goal is to promote adoption, but their rudeness is driving people towards pet stores and breeders. —TiffanyLee

2007-03-18 20:39:01   I think it is important to realize that an adult cat is very very hard to find a home for. Especially with so many kittens around. While It is not acceptable for you to be forced to make a donation or for anyone to be rude to you. Please realize they are volunteers and are most likely just very concerned about the cat and whether they will be able to find a new home for it. —AshleyDunleavy

2007-03-20 13:05:17   I tried to adopt an dog from these folks. I followed their application rules and waited 10 days before attempting to contact someone by phone. No one every contacted me. After a month of trying to work with this organization I ended up going another way and just visited the shelter until I found my dog. —SharlaDaly

2007-03-21 15:34:11   Just gonna say those prices aren't bad for what you get. At the VMTH a spay/neuter, microchip, and vaccines alone will cost that much or more. And that doesn't include the pet! —AllisonEriksen

2007-05-12 00:35:39   I wanted to adopt a dog recently and e-mailed [email protected] with a request and my application. No response for almost a week now. I do understand that the organization is staffed by volunteers, but to ignore a potential adopter's application for more than a few days is probably not the best course of action. Disappointed and disheartened by their lack of interest, I visited the Yolo Animal Services Shelter and had the pup in my house within 48 hours of picking her out. If anyone from the SPCA reads this, I recommend at least responding to an application with "we'll get back to you after we look it over" at the very least. —GeneKrevets

2007-05-12 17:18:58   Because the organization receives over 20 applications per day, it is impossible to respond to all the applications. We can only respond to those applications which we thing the dog would be a good match for. Please keep in mind that all our volunteers have full time jobs, and can only review applications outside of that. To respond to every single application would require an entire staff. Congratulations on your new puppy, and thank you for rescuing an animal in need of a home. —AshleyDunleavy

2007-05-12 19:45:21   The organization's lack of even a simple response to applications and phone calls from interested pet owners is fueling the reputation that the organization is hard to deal with and that it's easier to look for your pet elsewhere. —SharlaDaly

2007-05-13 15:07:19   You know I am not sure what the other people are talking about, because I did not have even close to the same experience. I saw a dog online —on craigslist and petfinders— and I wanted him. I emailed and I got a response I want to say within a day or so. It took me a week to get him, but that was because of my own scheduling issues and had nothing to do with the SPCA at all. I think people don’t take into consideration that it is being staffed by volunteers, most of which have full-time jobs. Fill out and application and email, be persistent- it is the same as everything in life. With that being said, I was upset after I took my dog to the vet and found out that not everything was disclosed to me; however, when it comes down to it, I am happy I was able to give a dog who was EXTREMELY abused a good home. There is not a rude volunteer in the world that would cause me to go to a pet store or breeder, not when there are so many animals out there who need a safe home, I am not that petty. —ElsieLodde

  • They don't always know the complete medical history and background of the pets. I don't think they would have purposely kept information from you; they probably weren't aware of the condition.

2007-05-14 11:00:39   I also have had a positive experience with the Yolo County SPCA. We had been checking the local shelters several times a week to find the perfect dog. Then, I met the foster dog of one of my classmates from Vet school. I knew he was the dog for me. I sent in an email application, waited 4 days, then sent a follow up email. I received a response 2 days later asking me to meet with an adoption coordinator the next day. She was extremely informative and helpful. I went home with the puppy about 2 hours later. These volunteers appear to have their hands very full and I did not think they were rude at all considering. I would advise anyone against running out to a shelter and grabbing a dog at random. You need to research their activity level and temperament first. The Yolo County SPCA does all this for you so you know the dog (or cat) will work out for your lifestyle. I am extremely pleased with the dog I have chosen! —BriannaCampbell

2008-11-16 20:26:54   while the intentions of the aspca and the donations made by it may be completely commendable and beneficiary to the community, the way they help people adopt animals is un acceptable. The thrift store may bring money (and other resources) to people in need, but if you're looking for a new addition to your family like a dog or a cat- look elsewhere. It's a bunch of stuffy middle aged women who seem like they havent been on a date in 10 years. You can't adopt a cat under 6 months old which is.... ridiculous. THEY'RE the only ones who know how to raise kittens, right? And when/if you finally do choose an animal that seems sweet and a good fit, they question you instead of welcoming your contribution to THEIR cause with gratitude. My family went to the pound in woodland and found two cats that are as sweet and kind as any, who would have been euthanized. —Chrissapher

2008-12-01 21:37:35   I've had a great experience so far with the SPCA people. I submitted an application to adopt and was contacted within a day or two by Shellie. She has been professional and timely. I don't know what most complaining folks are whining about! For the most part, these animals are "rescue" animals from the Yolo County Animal Shelter. If they aren't kept in a cage they would otherwise be exterminated. I would say that the volunteers for the Yolo County SPCA work very hard to ensure that the animals are happy and well adjusted. These animals are kept in a private foster home and this allows for the animal to acclimate into a caring environment with little kids or other animals...hence, a good test to find out if the animal would be right for your home. NOTE: There is a two week "trial period" after an animal is adopted. If, for any reason at all, the animal must be returned to us during the first two weeks after the adoption, we will either fully refund the adoption fee, or help to place the family with another animal in our system. I would say that this a very generous proposal. 2 weeks is more than enough time to figure out if the animal can acclimate to the new environment and the animal shelter won't let anyone do this. And if they don't refund the adoption fee, I'm sure they would work with you to find another animal that works better for you. Otherwise, just consider it as "alms" to the poor.


2009-03-11 19:22:58   I e-mailed them a week ago to inquire about fostering. No response. I agree that while the volunteers may not always be able to respond, a simple "Thank you for your interest. We will get back to you as soon as possible" message would go a long way. —MeganCleary

  • As a former fosterer (foster person?), my advice is to email first, then follow up by stopping by PetCo on a Saturday afternoon between 12 and 3:30 (they're there until 4, but they start packing up around 3:30 and it will be difficult to find someone to talk to). They will probably remember your email, even if they didn't respond; they aren't super organized but they really do need foster families, so don't let the lack of organization stop you from helping out. Shelley is the coordinator for fostering cats (they're inside), and I believe that Stacey is the person to talk to about dogs (outside, in front of PetCo). —ElleWeber

2009-04-13 18:12:21   I volunteer at the SPCA and most of them have jobs and if you dont hear a response back they probably havent gotten to check it. And you cant always get a dog they want to ensure a dog gets a good home and they can deny an application. —Churro615

2009-07-24 22:23:30   Love this store: great, reasonably-priced stuff and a fantastic cause. I donate to this store (and shop there too!) at least one a month. Sometimes I end up hauling home more stuff than I dropped off making my closet cleaning completely irrelevant. I like the funky people who work there, too. —dandysgirl

2009-08-02 19:11:58   I'm a true cat lover and really want cats to have a great home. But the SPCA people are so annoying. When I asked one of them at Petco whether they had given away a kitten I was interested in, the woman lectured me that they would not "give away" cats. She made such a big deal out of this because I did not use the word "adoption." Ridiculous. Screening roommates, contacting the apartment management, controlling paid pet deposits plus answering a number of pointless questions on a questionnaire is way over the top. Students are given a hard time to adopt a cat when it stays alone during some parts of the day. I thought they want to save the cats' lives but instead, they harshly scare away people who would like to give a loving home to an animal. —AngelaH

  • This is actually, very well meaning. Many animals are simply abandoned. Most of the abandonments that happen in Davis are by students who don't fully understand the commitment required for a pet, and when their next apartment won't allow pets or asks too high a deposit they either leave them behind or 'let them go,' which you really can't do with domestic animals. What they really want is to make sure the animals go to a stable home that will be able to care for them until either the caregiver or the pet dies naturally and if that's not something you are willing to sacrifice the time to fill out the paperwork, then it's probably a good thing you left. —MM

2009-08-30 19:17:58   I have had a positive experience with the Yolo County SPCA in general, but I feel that one of the email responses I received lately could have been written in a much less curt and rude-sounding way. I appreciate the SPCA members and volunteers and what they do, but I would also appreciate being treated in a more polite and friendly way when making perfectly valid and well-meaning inquiries.

Overall, though, I have had a positive experience with the SPCA members I have spoken to.

For those who may be interested in fostering animals, evidently to apply as a foster home, you fill out the same application as adopting an animal, but place "Foster Home" in the name blank for the animal. You can email the application in. —KayChang

2010-10-01 22:42:08   Recently, a rather large dog became a rather large part of my life. I did not get him through the SPCA, but privately from a fried of a friend who was no longer able to provide the care and love that he deserved. However, through the assistance of the SPCA and the SAAC (Sacramento Area Animal Coalition) I was able to get financial aid for Ronin to be neutered, and I was also able to get his vaccinations (I do not have the paperwork on them so they need to be redone) at a greatly reduced price. Thank you SPCA. —MasonMurray

2011-07-04 23:22:26   I adopted a dog from Yolo SPCA in front of Petco in 2000. They asked me a million questions and seemed to feel they were taking a chance on me as an apartment dwelling fresh graduate of UCD. My dog has been exceptionally healthy for the almost 11 years that I have had him now (making him around 13). I definitely recommend getting a rescue dog from SPCA. I also recommend that people do their homework about breeds before adopting as it's definitely a long term commitment. Don't be put off by mutts/mixed breed dogs either, hybrid vigor may save you a lot on vet bills. —MStrick

2012-01-27 12:19:25   Unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the negative comments. We submitted an application and never heard back. I emailed several times and finally had a response saying the application would be sent to the adoption committee. Three other rescue organizations got back to me within two days of submitting my application. We had a sweet rescue dog before anyone at the SPCA even got back to me. I'm just worried that the SPCA is missing out on saving more dogs because they are slow and too picky. I've heard the same issues with so many people (volunteers included), even how they put foster owners who want to adopt the dog through a rough process to finalize the adoption. Oftentimes, when someone tries to provide constructive criticism, the SPCA folks are defensive rather than asking how the processes can be improved and how more animals can be saved. I'm going to post something on the SPCA thrift store page next, because that place has some of the most rude people I've come across in Davis. Of course, if I say something, it will be met with defensiveness, with the rude employees and volunteers telling me to volunteer to make it better. BUT part of my contributions to the SPCA are my donations to the thrift store and the many purchases I make there. Some of us don't have the time to volunteer, but we contribute in other ways, and the thrift store would not be there without the donations and the customers. —ClairLee

2012-07-24 19:28:26   We adopted a cat from the SPCA a couple months ago. The volunteers were really helpful- they took a lot of time to discuss with us who would do best in our household (had to be OK being an only cat since the landlord only approved one, gentle with our rabbits, etc.). I am pretty sure we picked the best cat ever. Even though she was only 12 weeks old when she came home with us, she was obviously socialized well by her foster mom. She uses her scratching post, has never gone outside the litter box, sits still for nail clipping and teeth brushing, and is playful and affectionate. We couldn't be happier!

Also, the adoption cost is really reasonable if you consider that it includes the spay/neuter surgery, disease testing, and first round of vaccines. Helpful hint: Some vet offices give a free exam within two weeks of adoption. —MeggoWaffle

2013-01-31 16:45:31   I love, I love, I love the kitten fostering people and how awesome they are. I felt a bit sad taking Izzy away from Hannah (who had been fostering her), but everything worked out perfectly and Izzy is happy with her new brother (3 days older) and I wish I had a car so I could put a sticker on it that said "My Favourite Breed Is Rescued" ... except I really think putting stickers expressing your opinions on one of the most expensive things you own is kinda tacky and ewww. My favourite breed IS "rescued" though, make no mistake. —AlexPearson