Kevin Doyle Jones is helping Groundwork with their raise, and Groundwork will be operating out of Impact Hub DC.

Groundwork founders Adeleke Omitowoju and Jason Towns believe that intentionality investing in entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. while making outsized returns is not mutually exclusive. To Groundwork, investing in diversity means investing in the future of entrepreneurship.The traditional Venture Capital market is inefficient in sourcing and investing in new ventures. From this inefficiency, Groundwork sees an opportunity to access, source and invest in entrepreneurs that are disconnected from venture capital markets.

Companies they have helped include Blavity which creates content for black millennials who aren't represented in media despite their multibillion dollar buying power.Riide , which provides consumers with subscription-based electric bike ownership.Hello Tractor which promotes tractor sharing in Africa, PartPic enables visual search for replacement parts, MyBestBox wants to make achieving a healthier lifestyle now convenient, affordable and fun. Others include Blendoor that is a mobile job matching app that hides candidate name and photo to circumvent unconscious bias & facilitate diversity recruiting.Founders:and Airfordable that enables you to make payment plans for flights before your departure. Locent is an ecommerce platform powered by text messages that Crunch Base  says is a digital health service focused on improving clinical document transmission for healthcare providers. Through Locent's core clinical document management service, providers improve clinical operations, ensure compliance, and simplify data exchange internally and externally. By distributing and tracking clinical documents automatically and on-demand, Locent saves time and lowers the administrative burden on clinicians and their assistants. Locent is led by founders Chris Ishida and Matt Joseph,  which got Y Combinator funding after this tweet storm (Tech Crunch story)and the storm


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