of the albino fox squirrels that resided on the UNT campus

The Albino Squirrel on the UNT campus has been seen by many generations of UNT students and faculty since the early 1990’s. Several nicknames including “Lucky” and “Baby” have been used, with most of the rare, albino, fox squirrels  being called simply “Lucky”. One of the squirrels, “Baby”, lived on the UNT campus before being killed by a red-tailed hawk. A few brave students who saw the attack threw rocks towards the bird, causing it to take off without the squirrel, but the wounds were already fatal.

These squirrels are still reported to be seen on campus, as of 2021. Rumor has it that UNT imports albino squirrels from various locations around the world to replace the little guy every time he happens to die, but these rumors have lost most of their momentum after a thorough public records search was conducted and no connection was found.

Albino squirrel themed plushes and logos are still sold at UNT stores and given out at UNT events, making it an unofficial secondary UNT mascot.

The Cyber Cafe in the Willis Library uses the albino squirrel in its logo, and is sometimes called "The Albino Squirrel" as in the following conversation:

Brad: Janet, would you like to get some mochas at the Albino Squirrel?

Janet: What are you talking about, Brad?

Brad: The coffee shop in the library, Janet.

Frank: Oh! How splendid!

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