Bonnie Brae Street is one of a few main streets in Denton. It starts as South Bonnie Brae Street and becomes just Bonnie Brae street after it goes under I-35 . (Going towards University Drive). South Bonnie Brae ends at Roselawn Dr., just past Victory Hall. Bonnie Brae breaks when it hits North Elm Street. If you turn left on Elm, you can easily find where Bonnie Brae continues as North Bonnie Brae street. It ends at East Ganzer Road. There's also a road called Old Bonnie Brae Street, that is used as a shortcut when going down Scripture Street to Bonnie Brae. It's part of McKenna Park's parking lot. Bonnie Brae is important because it intersects both Hickory Street and University Drive. It is also one the streets that Oak Street ends on. It also leads to Elm Street, which Discovery Park is located on. The dots on the map are the end/starting points of Bonnie Brae.