Around the I-35 and Loop 288 Interchange

The Coneheads are set of artistically decorated orange traffic cones which occasionally turn up on small poles around the I-35 and Loop 288 Interchange since at least 2007.   They come and go throughout the year, either removed by the artist, local authorities, or others who happen to pass by.

The displays periodically change, often reflecting a current season or holiday.  They seem to start by painting a face (usually frowning) on an orange traffic cone.  These cones are usually then decorated further with a costume or other flare.   

Unfortunately,  the artist (or what their message might be) has not been identified​.  But it is thought that whoever they are, he or she may live near a construction area based on the unending supply of traffic cones.


Current Artistic Works

As of May 2012, two Coneheads are currently on display.

Exit from Loop 288 to Southbound I-35 (right side, just before the intersection with the I-35 service road).   The current display has been shown since at least March 2012, and is a simple frowning Conehead without a costume.

This was also the original area where the Coneheads started turning up, though they were first mounted on the left side of the exit, on a large TXDOT pole in the middle of the 180 degree curve as Loop 288 ends. These initial Coneheads wore big pointy witch hats.

Northbound I-35 Service road just before the old Outlet Mall (right side, somewhat obscured by the tall weeds).   The current display has been there since at least May 2012, and is a frowning Conehead with a skirt and and a Santa Hat.

Coneheads started appearing in this area later, starting around 2011