Sycamore Hall, 307 Avenue B


(940) 565-4745


(940) 565-2194


The UNT Eagle Commons Library (formerly the Science and Technology Library) is one of the campus libraries. Located in Sycamore Hall, it houses the  government documents, maps, business, law, political science, and geography library resources on campus.

Recent renovations include the Collaboration and Learning Commons, located on the first floor of the ECL, which will focus on collaborative and group learning spaces infused with the latest technology – including interactive 64” Smart Boards, oversized monitors, projectors, and areas for using both iMacs and PCs loaded with software: Visio 2010, Photoshop CS5, Google Sketchup, MacOS X Snow Leopard, Handbrake, and Audacity. Comfortable chairs and sofas in contemporary tones complete these dynamic new spaces.