Eric Michener
Scarlett Wright
Grahm Robinson
Indie pop, Indie rock, Twee

Fishboy is a four-piece eccentric indie pop band from Denton, Texas that began as the bedroom solo project of Eric Michener. He was given the nickname on a middle-school field trip after a dare to pluck and swallow a fish at the Dallas World Aquarium.

The cover of their 2005 album Little D parodies the Morrison's Corn-Kits factory.

Band members

  • Eric "Fishboy" Michener - Vocals, guitar
  • Scarlett Wright - Bass
  • Grahm Robinson- Drums

Prior members

  • Adam "Sweatpants" Avramescu - Keyboard, horns, percussion
  • Justin "Sixlets" Lloyd - Bass
  • Tommy "Medicine Ball" Garcia- Drums
  • John Clardy of Tera Melos - Drums
  • Winston Reed Chapman of Bosque Brown and The Baptist Generals - Drums
  • Brady "The Bear" Goodwin - Bass, tuba
  • Drew Erickson of Roy G and the Biv - Drums, keys



  • Classic Creeps, Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (2011)
  • NOM, Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (2009)
  • Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll, Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (2007)
  • Little D, Business Deal Records (2005)
  • Zipbangboom, Business Deal Records (2003)
  • The American Friends of Carlos Velez, Self Released (2002)
  • Tim Fly's Cause He's Having Fun, Business Deal Records (2000)


  • Split 7" with Baby Calendar, Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (2007)