Big Mike's Coffee, independent and proud.Denton prides itself on having so many independent businesses, and Dentonites rely on them for many services. This page is to list and talk about these independent and locally owned businesses in the Denton community. Also see the Only in Denton website, which contains a directory of local businesses.






Barbershops & Salons



  • Art Six is a cute little coffee shop in a house on Fry Street. The house was the location of a multiple homicide sometime mid-century-ish.
  • Big Mike's Coffee is the epitome of independent.
  • Cups and Crepes is also a cute little coffee shop in a house on Fry Street, but has shorter hours, is closer to UNT, and was not the location of a multiple homicide.
  • Jupiter House is becoming a chain. It's primary location is on the square.
  • Naranja Cafe serves bubble tea. Hosts a couple connect-four games.