Mean Green is more a concept than a thing in and of itself. It's part of the UNT school spirit. But it's so much more than that. And so much less.


We've been told it has something to do with "Mean Joe" Greene, but this isn't strictly correct. Although Joe Greene was on the team at the same time as this phrase became used to cheer on the football team, "Mean Green" was actually the name then-coach-Rod Rust's wife gave to NTSU's defense, which back in the late sixties was formidable. Who knew?

The term "mean" is a controversial one, as some students would prefer to remain "friendly competitive green".

It might have something to do with Scrappy the Eagle, the UNT mascot. It might even be our other mascot - which is exactly what Rick Villareal wants us to think.

Mean Green may also be a synonym for Cthluhlu.

The True Meaning of Mean Green