Above Andy's Bar

between Recycled Books and Downtown Mini Mall II

Mon-Sun:  4pm-2am
(555) 555 5555
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Paschall Bar is a bar located above Andy's on the east side of the Square in Denton.  It is named after the building's original owner, B.F. Paschall.

The bar invites patrons to relax over games of chess and darts or peruse through one of the many volumes of books lining the walls.  Classical art and busts are juxtaposed against a large painting of Ernest Hemingway and images from "The Graduate" to designate the men's and women's restrooms.  Musical selections vary but stay along a relaxed, unimposing theme to make certain that conversation is always the dominant form of entertainment.

Their drink menu features a selection of 20-30 import, specialty, and craft beers and allows patrons to select from a list of featured cocktails ranging from an Old Fashioned to a Mojito or Espresso Martini.  The bartenders spend time delicately mixing each drink and allow guests to choose from several varieties of mid- to top-shelf liquors.

The building originated in 1877 and was a grocery store called "R. S. Ross" before becoming a movie theater called the "Ritz Theater", which later became the "Plaza Theater".  Later, Andy's Bar moved into the space occupying the ground level and basement downstairs. 

The members of the band Midlake opened Paschall in the upstairs area of the building in October 2011.

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