Phil McGraw or, as he is known on television, Dr. Phil is an alumnus of UNT. He is famous because of Oprah.


Born in Oklahoma, he grew up in North Texas and is notable for having received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UNT. Attaining the doctorate was problematic for McGraw and he was not well liked by the faculty. He rose to fame when Oprah brought him onto her show as a relationship consultant in 1998, a personal favor for his services to her as a legal consultant in 1995. In 2002, he launched his own show, creatively titled Dr. Phil. He then did some intervention thing with Britney Spears and made a lot of people angry.


Phil McGraw's advice and methods have been criticized by both fellow psychotherapists and laypeople. He is criticized for giving overly simplistic interpretations and ineffective advice.

Favorite Color

Dr. Phil's favorite color is a subject of mystery. It might be mauve, but could also be magenta or lilac.


2010-12-13 18:06:57   I heard that his teachers at UNT thought he was a dumbass. —Users/RitchLudlow