Denton Traction Company (Street Car)

Texas Interurban Railway

Texas Interurban was the first electrified rail service from Dallas to Denton. It ran from 1924 to 1932 along the Katy Rail line (rail line starting at Sycamore near Bell and running south through Corinth and across Lake Lewisville).

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DCTA is the entity that manages public transportation in Denton.

Students ride for free on the buses. Several bus routes connect UNT with areas of interest around Denton, such as the Square, Hospital, and University Drive. The buses aren't quite so convenient for TWU students

DCTA's A-Train and the Rail Trail runs along the historic Katy Rail line. The A-Train is a diesel powered commuter rail system, not an electrified rail. Service began in summer 2011. Students do not ride for free on the A-Train, although they are eligible for discounted summer, semester, and yearly passes.

Commercial Options

The Pedicabs are people on bicycles who haul you around on a tram attached to them. They work for tips only. The experience is both terrifying and enjoyable.

Taxi cabs are also licensed in Denton, but are not generally seen or hired from the street. Calling the service is necessary to get a cab.