215 W. Oak St., Denton, Texas 76201
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Rides: 1st Saturdays, 1:30PM, Emily Fowler Library
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Querencia at night (2011-10)

The Querencia Community Bike Shop (QCBS) is a an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit community bike shop dedicated to providing to Denton residents a healthy, affordable, environmentally friendly, and fun alternative to automotive transportation. They offer open access to the work space, tools, parts, and instructional resources for citizens to build, repair and maintain their own bicycle.

Rumour has it they're moving to the square or some shit soon.

Querencia, though difficult to translate from its original Spanish context, describes “a deep, quiet sense of inner well-being that comes from knowing a particular place of the earth… its history and its part in your history… where, whenever you return to it, your soul releases an inner sigh of recognition and relaxation.” -Kirkpatrick Sale


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